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   Chapter 2057 Naturally

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At that time, Charles' phone rang. He didn't want to answer the phone at first. However, his phone kept ringing. Upon checking to see who was calling, he frowned. It was Vicky. He only grew angrier. He then turned off his phone.

After a few minutes, David knocked on his door.

"What's the matter?" Charles looked at David impatiently.

David looked at Charles, embarrassed. Hesitating for a moment, he said, "Mr. Lu, Vicky just called me. She says if you don't answer your phone, she's coming here."

"Why didn't you come up with an excuse to stop her?" Charles stared at him.

David could tell that Charles was mad. He felt like he was trapped in a cold cage as sweat started to form all over his body.

However, he knew he still had to respond. "Well, Mr. Lu, only you can stop her..."

"That makes sense,"

Charles interrupted David, sounding impatient. He then turned his phone on, and as soon as his phone lit up, Vicky was already calling him.

"Charles, are you busy? I'm so bored today. Can I come to the company to meet you?"

"No, you can't."

Charles was very cold to Vicky, while Vicky sounded sweet. He didn't care for her at all.

"Charles, what's wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood?" Vicky acted as if she didn't know that Charles didn't particularly like her. She patiently waited for Charles to respond.

"I'm fine, but I'm busy with work. Don't come here," Charles said in a firm tone. He tried to take control of his temper.

Vicky decided to let him go. She knew that even if she went, Charles wouldn't meet her anyway, and she didn't want to anger Charles further.

"All right. I'll wait for you here in the villa. Will you come here after work then?"

Charles couldn't help but be disappointed

ait for Sheryl. It was as if they were at the beginning stages of dating.

After a while, Sheryl came downstairs. She beamed as she accepted the roses from Damian.

Charles looked upset upon seeing this. He then asked David to start the car and drive off.

What Charles didn't know was that Sheryl didn't really want to accept the roses.

"Sheryl, I've been here in China for a month. If you don't accept this, I'm going to be very sad." Sheryl then had no choice but to accept.

Sheryl smiled helplessly as she accepted the roses. She said rather bashfully, "Congratulations! Maybe I should buy you flowers too to celebrate with you."

"You already accepted the roses, which is the best gift I could ask for." Damian grinned at Sheryl.

Sheryl felt a little embarrassed, so she averted her gaze.


I'm so sorry, I..."

"Mr. Li, are you going to have dinner with Sher? Do you mind if I come along?" All of a sudden, Isla appeared and broke the uncomfortable silence.

Damian was planning on inviting Sheryl to dinner, but he knew she was going to refuse. However, thanks to Isla, Sheryl wouldn't be able to decline the invitation anymore.

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