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   Chapter 2056 Destiny

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"We are going to celebrate the fact that you own a new car. So it is better for you to select the destination," Sheryl answered Damian politely, but she looked a little absent-minded.

Sheryl thought being indifferent to him was the best way to prevent him from getting more serious about her. Somehow, she had to stop him from coming closer.

A hint of grief flashed across Damian's face but disappeared quickly, so Sheryl didn't even notice it. She was thinking about a solution that could cause him the least harm and let him give up on the idea of courting her.

Damian had been in love with Sheryl for a long time. By now, he knew all about her likes and dislikes. Since she had asked him to pick the place of his choice, he decided he would take her somewhere she loved. After all, he would spare no effort to make her happy. Finally, he decided on the beach.

They didn't talk much on their journey. Damian made a few attempts at starting a conversation, but Sheryl didn't give any encouragement from her side. Hence, the atmosphere became awkward.

Soon they were approaching the beach. Suddenly it struck Sheryl that she hadn't been there for a long time. The beach was one of the places she and Charles used to visit when they had a date. She suddenly felt overwhelmed with grief when she realized she was going there with a different man.

"Sher, what's the matter?" Damian asked, noticing there was a sudden appearance of sorrow on her face. He couldn't help but regret taking her here.

"I'm fine. I just haven't been here for a long time. How did you know about this place? You have only been here for a short while." Sheryl looked at him with evident curiosity.

Damian flashed her a smile but didn't give an answer to Sheryl's question.

He knew that his intention to court Sheryl was obvious. She was clever enough to have known what was going on in his mind. However, he realized he had to be careful. If he put his feelings out there, she might not hesitate before rejecting him. Hence, he had to think twice before saying something.

The trip didn't go as planned. Sheryl found an excuse to leave almost as soon as they arrived.

Damian had thought they would spend the whole day together, but Sheryl was not willing to cooperate with him. So he took her back despite his rel

to do it, therefore he volunteered.

"It looks like you have nothing important to do these days." Charles rolled his eyes at David unpleasantly.

Hearing that, David dared not to speak anymore.

"If dating another man is what Sheryl wants to do then let her do it. It is her life, and she can do as she pleases." Charles spoke suddenly, making the air more intense.

David looked at Charles and knew clearly that Charles didn't mean what he had said. However, he also understood it was not a good time for him to reason with Charles. Charles had to solve it on his own.

"Mr. Lu, since you don't have any other task for me, I think I should go back." David felt it was hard to handle Charles, who was about to lose his temper. He was keen on fleeing the office. But he didn't dare to leave without Charles' permission, so he waited for a reply.

"Okay, you can leave."

After getting Charles' permission, David quickly walked out of his office.

Charles looked at the photo of Damian on the table, and an unpleasant expression once again crossed his eyes. He couldn't remember the last time he looked at a man with such strong hatred.

'Sheryl, are you really going to leave me for another man?' Charles wondered, heart aching.

Suddenly, he went for his phone and thought for a while. He began to type a message for Sheryl. But after considering it several times, he decided not to send it. He simply gazed at his phone, not knowing what to do. Later, he put the phone on the table and closed his eyes to have some rest.

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