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   Chapter 2055 She Wanted To Avoid Him

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Although Damian couldn't understand what she was mumbling, he knew she must be in pain based on the look on her face even though she was very drunk.

The car stopped at the supermarket close to Sheryl's home, and Damian got out from the driver's seat and looked closely at Sheryl, who slept soundly in the back of the car. He studied her for a moment before he walked into the supermarket.

Knowing that Sheryl would get a headache when she woke up, he decided to buy her some hangover medicine.

It only took a few minutes for Damian to walk out with a bag in his hand.

After he placed the things on the front passenger seat, Damian started walking back to the driver's seat when he suddenly paused.

He went back to the bag and picked out a bottle from it, and then he went to the car's back seat.

"Sher?" Damian gently nudged Sheryl to wake her up.

A confused Sheryl opened her eyes with great difficulty and squinted at Damian before she spoke with a hoarse voice. "Yes? What is it?"

"Here, drink it. It'll help make you feel better." Damian placed the bottle into Sheryl's hand as he replied.

There was only silence as Sheryl blankly stared at him and the bottle as if she couldn't figure out what's happening and couldn't drink by herself.

There wasn't even a hint of annoyance as Damian patiently helped her drink by placing the bottle to her lips. He waited until she finished drinking before he went back to his seat and peacefully started driving.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at Sheryl's home. Seeing that she was still peacefully sleeping, Damian couldn't bear to wake her up, nor was he willing to hand her over to Joan, who answered the door. Since there was no other option, Damian carried her into the house and her room, being extra gentle as he quietly took off her shoes and tucked her in bed.

It was silent aside from Sheryl's steady breaths as Damian sat by her bed. Once he was sure that she was deeply asleep, he reluctantly left her room with one last lingering look at Sheryl's face.

It never crossed his mind to do anything bad to her during her sleep. He knew that he loved this woman and wanted to be serious with her. He wouldn't make any move without her consent.

It was a very peaceful night for Sheryl, who slept soundly and undisturbed.

Even her children only gently kissed her forehead before leaving with Joan for sc

t is the matter?"

"Well... Can't I call you just because?" It was a little embarrassing for Damian since it might be the wrong time to call her.

"I didn't mean it like that. I was just thinking that you'd be busy right now," Sheryl forced a smile as she explained uneasily. She didn't want to be rude when he hadn't done anything to annoy her.

"I'm not busy. You're off today, right? Please come downstairs when you're ready. I want to talk to you."

Since Damian didn't reveal what he wanted to talk about, it made Sheryl curious about it, and she couldn't wait to go down.

"Alright, I'm coming soon," Sheryl said and hurriedly went down once she finished talking to him.

She saw a new car parked at the mouth of the driveway of the building but couldn't see Damian anywhere, and it shocked her when he got out of the unfamiliar car.

Since it seemed like Damian bought a new car today and wanted to take it for a spin with her, making Sheryl smile.

The invitation was sincere enough that Sheryl could only accept.

"Is there anywhere you want to go?" It was worth mentioning that Damian was attentive and always considerate of Sheryl and would always ask for her opinion even for small things like their destination for the drive.

But that didn't mean that Damian was indecisive, he was both well organized and resolute.

There were times that Sheryl felt very curious about what made him like this. There were times she wanted to ask but swallowed it back down, in case he took the chance to confess to her again. That would just put her in a difficult situation.

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