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   Chapter 2054 Charles, Don't Leave Me!

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"I don't think it's a good idea for you to go back alone. Let me accompany you!" Damian almost rushed toward Sheryl and took her by the arm to support her. He was too anxious that she might get hurt.

Sheryl was feeling a little dizzy but still stayed conscious and sober. And in her silence, she stared into Damian's eyes. Her face wore an expression of confusion. Undoubtedly, she was slowly sinking into her thoughts.

With such a stare, Damian's heart started to beat faster, and his face became bashful. He was mesmerized as if cast in a spell. And from out of nowhere, a strong feeling of anxiety soon engulfed him.

"Well, okay. But you have to make a phone call to Isla for me!"

"Okay, I am calling now!" Damian felt so relieved to hear Sheryl agreed with his suggestion. As long as she didn't decline his request, he could be sure of what position he was in, in her heart. He felt so blissful thinking of the possible growth of intimacy between them.

Isla couldn't put her mind at rest after Sheryl hung up her call without any explanation. The concern she felt in her heart was already out of proportion as she wondered about her friend. Thus unable to handle the feeling alone, Isla intended to share this with her husband. But long before she could turn and bring up the subject to her husband, Aron had made a sudden move and already hugged her tightly.

"Tonight, you only belong to me... I need you to focus your full attention on what we are going to do! This is our private moment, so don't let anything else disturb it!" Aron whispered in her ear as he hugged Isla's waist then pinned her body under his full frame. He started to caress her while he ran his lips over Isla's pink cheeks.

In an instant, Isla felt a sudden surge of temperature all over her body. Her mind went into a daze, and she was lost in trying to organize her thoughts under Aron's intense touch.

Aron had long wanted to please Isla to compensate her. He felt remorseful about everything that had happened to her lately and that he had not even been around.

Panic crept up his spine, and cold sweat beaded over his forehead when he unexpectedly recalled the incident. Aron couldn't imagine how it would end up without Sheryl being there for Isla, and he was immensely thankful for that.

This time, Aron desired to make their physical intimacy more comfortable for Isla. He wanted her to enjoy its blissfulness. So as gentle as he could be, he moved his fingers over her body. Isla felt nearly aroused, as Aron could feel her breath went more and more rapid.

"No, Aron... Hold on for a moment!" Isla suddenly blurted out, gasping for breath. She struggled for a bit out of Aron's control and quickly sat up.

Rooted to the spot, Aron stared at Isla with a confused look. Her outright rejection frustrated him. Helpless, he decided to give Isla a moment. He calmly waited for an explanation.

"Hold on a minute. I need to talk to Sheryl. She got drunk, and I am not

l's weak and slender body, keeping her from falling.

Sheryl was intoxicated as the alcohol was working effectively in her head. Her mind was numb. She only felt that she was tired and needed to go back to sleep as soon as possible, so she got into Damian's car.

"Can you take me back home?" Sheryl made her request without even telling Damian her address. She was too drunk to remember it. But for him, how could he not know where the woman he cared most for resided?

"Okay, just close your eyes and get some rest!" Damian gently ushered Sheryl onto the back seat. He made sure that she was comfortable before sliding into the driver's seat. Closing the door, he then started the engine.

He couldn't feel more excited to be Sheryl's personal driver tonight. He acted meticulously, as he consistently checked on Sheryl in the rear-view mirror.

The car moved smoothly on the road, and Sheryl was peacefully drifting into her dream. She seemed at ease in her slumber.

To ensure that Sheryl would have a good rest without being disrupted from her sleep, he purposely drove the car at a slow but stable speed. And even at every crossroad, he maintained a lowered speed.

Damian had never been sober like this. He forgot everything outside. The narrow yet quiet space in the car created a world that only belonged to them.

'I really hope Sheryl could be my wife. I feel it is the happiest moment in my life to stay with her in this car. I want to drive her home like this every day. She is such a wonderful woman who deserves my care. I wish I can stay by her side and protect her.'

"Don't leave me!" Unexpectedly, Sheryl murmured something, but her eyes were tightly closed.

Dumbfounded for a moment, Damian immediately realized that Sheryl must only be talking in her sleep. At the thought, he couldn't help but want to laugh.

"Charles, don't leave me! Charles..." Sheryl murmured again. This time, she was calling another man's name! And her face looked sad.

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