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   Chapter 2053 Worry

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Aron didn't realize what had happened until Sheryl told him the truth. Stunned and utterly astonished, he asked, "For real?"

"Why would I lie to you? I'm a woman, and I know exactly what that woman is up to," Sheryl told Aron, looking dead serious.

Aron nodded his head to show Sheryl that he believed her. And then he asked her what he had to do, promising he would follow her orders.

Sheryl thought for a while before she answered, "First and foremost, you need to go back and join Isla. From there onward, I will help you handle that lady."

Aron nodded again.

"Right now, remain here. I will go inside and ask Isla to see you out here. It will only make things more awkward if you went inside," Sheryl warned before she left.

Aron was surprised to see the dexterity with which Sheryl handled everything. Her mind worked in a wonderful way. He always knew that she was very efficient and capable when it came to business matters. However, he was both surprised and impressed to learn that Sheryl was also very considerate and thoughtful in daily life.

"Sher, thank you," Aron lowered his voice and said.

"No problem. Anything to ensure that you and Isla will stay together." Sheryl smiled at Aron.

She then walked inside. Isla was a little confused since it had taken so long for Sheryl to return. When she saw Sheryl walking to her, she was about to ask what took her so long. But before she could put forth this question, Sheryl grabbed her arm and walked her to the entrance.

"Sher, you…"

"You'll see once you get out," Sheryl wasted no time and dragged Isla towards the doorway.

Once Sheryl and Isla walked to the doorway, the seductive lady, Hasina, had a face like a thundercloud.

"Listen, you and Aron go back home first. I will handle the rest," Sheryl whispered in Isla's ear.

"But be careful, Sheryl. If anything happens, don't hesitate to call me." Isla was moved by Sheryl's action. When she called Sheryl, Isla hadn't expected that Sheryl would manage to fix the problem. Isla had merely called to ask Sheryl's opinion.

"Don't worry. It's a piece of cake. I've got this." Sheryl nodded at Isla, assuring

wise, Isla wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

"Hi, Sher. How did it go? Is everything okay?"

"Yep, everything is settled," Sheryl said and let out a burp.

"Sher, are you drunk?" Isla furrowed her brows and asked. From Sheryl's slurred voice, Isla had guessed she had drunk a lot, and this burp confirmed her suspicion.

"But I'm doing this for your sake. You owe me big time."

"Yes, I am going to be forever thankful to you. So where are you? Are you still in the bar? You can't be driving since you are so drunk. How about I ask Aron to drive you home?"

"No, thanks, Isla. I can handle it. I will take a taxi. At this hour, you shouldn't be bothering Aron. Just stay home and sleep, guys. I'm fine!" Sheryl then hung up, not waiting to hear Isla's answer.

She slowly walked out to catch a taxi, but a familiar face stopped Sheryl dead in her tracks.

Unable to believe it, she rubbed her eyes. She thought the alcohol was messing with her vision. 'Why is Damian here? Didn't he leave for such a long time?' Sheryl shook her head in disbelief.

"Sher, are you… are you drunk?" Damian asked Sheryl with a trace of concern.

"Wh-why are you here?"

"I never left. I've been here all this while," Damian furrowed his brows and answered.

"Oh, you should go home then. I'm going home too. Ah, I feel so dizzy. I need to call a taxi." Sheryl stumbled and looked around, but she couldn't find a single taxi in sight.

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