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   Chapter 2051 Sheryl Laughed Sincerely

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"I really can't accept these! They're too valuable. Please return them." Sheryl continued to reject Duke's gifts; however, it was to no avail. Instead, it only seemed to have encouraged him to further insisting. He kept walking, ignoring her refusals as if he didn't hear them.

"Don't worry about it, Sheryl. It's just a few gifts. Besides, I really do appreciate that you went shopping with me. I insist." Despite her refusals, Duke continued with a smile, waving his hand dismissively.

Sheryl stayed quiet. Though she still wanted to refuse them, she didn't want to continue doing it in public, especially with the swarms of people around them. With that, she quickened her steps, catching up with Duke as her shopping bags swayed with the movement.

"Let me take these." As if Duke had finally noticed her, he stepped in, taking the bags from her grasp before she could even protest.

Sheryl hesitated, taken aback by Duke's action. However, he had already continued walking before she could even process what was happening. She never expected Duke to be such a gentleman.

They continued with their shopping, with Duke suggesting they enter a few more shops. As they walked, Sheryl felt her head start to pound, her body growing heavier at every minute.

"How long will it take?"

A familiar voice made Sheryl stop dead in her tracks. Her body froze as if the wind had molded her into an ice sculpture. Even with her eyes closed, she'd recognize that voice anywhere.

After spending years with that man, how could she not?

In that moment, Sheryl gritted her teeth. 'Of all the damned places he could be...'

Sheryl paled, especially now that he had noticed her.

It was too late now for her to pretend she didn't see them, especially when he was already fast approaching her direction.

He wasn't alone. A tall and slender woman was by his side. Sheryl felt her jaw clench at the sight, feeling the world around them fade.

Sheryl straightened her back, fixing her shirt unconsciously.

As if finally noticing that she had stopped, Duke stepped closer to her. His eyebrows furrowed at the paleness of her cheeks. Then he put his hands on her arms to steady her. However, to outsiders, it looked as if he was protecting her from everyone around them–it was an intimate sight.

However, Sheryl was oblivious to the fact. Her gaze followed the couple, and she felt her chest constrict in pain.

It was her, the woman who had made Charles leave her and her family.

This was the first time Sheryl would meet her in person. However, she had heard or read her name on thousands of articles and magazines.

Vicky Ruan. That was her name, a name that had been engraved in Sheryl's mind when he had left them. She remembered every magazine, every article, and every word, remembering the feeling of wanting to rip the woman's head off for what she did. Sheryl sighed shakily.

At the other side, Charles had finally looked at her. In that moment, he hesitated as he moved a step forward, wondering if he should go talk to her or not.

Noticing his inner turmoil, Vicky roped her arm int

At least, unless you have other plans, which I hope you don't!" Damian continued to talk. He pretended that he didn't see the hesitant look on Sheryl's face. In the meantime, he used it as an opportunity to push the flowers closer to her hands, suggesting that she take them.

With a sigh, Sheryl grabbed them reluctantly. "I actually do," she said, wincing apologetically. "Maybe we could hang out some other day?"

"It's fine. Absolutely no worries. Maybe I can drop you off?" Damian suggested.

Though Damian was aware of Sheryl and Charles' complicated relationship, he had decided to turn a blind eye to them. As long as they weren't still together, he had made up his mind to try and win her the best he could. He wouldn't give up easily, that was for sure.

"You don't have to, Damian. Look…" Sheryl started to explain.

"Oh, c'mon, Sher. It's what a friend would do," Damian said.

Knowing that there was no way of refusing him, she finally nodded with a small smile.

"Fine. Please drop me by the pub. I'll show you where it is," she added.

"A pub? Seriously? Why do you guys choose a pub to talk about business?" Damian suddenly asked. The smile on his face was gone, and instead, he frowned, looking concerned. The gray skies thundered around them, and Sheryl couldn't help but compare his stormy gaze with the storm settling above them.

He cared about Sheryl. The more he continued to be with her, the more hesitant he was to leave her in places like these, places where she might be prone to get hurt further. He looked away.

Seeing his expression, Sheryl laughed. Sometimes, she felt as if Damian was too naive of these things. Shocked by her sudden laughter, he turned to her curiously. "Stop," she said in between laughs. "I go to the pub to hang with my friends, not with my clients."

She shook her head fondly, looking at Damian. This was the first time she actually had a good laugh in the last few days. In a way, Damien reminded her of her son, and she couldn't help but smile at the comparison. It was good to be with a friend.

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