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   Chapter 2050 A Mysterious Call

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Updated: 2019-12-26 12:02

At the mansion in the suburb

Vicky was polishing her nails when her phone rang.

She didn't feel like picking up the call as she was busy with her nails. However, since the calls kept coming, she answered it out of annoyance.

"Who's this? So annoying!" Murmuring to herself, Vicky stood up and walked towards where her phone was.

The minute she saw the number, she was shocked.

The number wasn't saved in her contacts, but she knew that number by heart.

The owner of the number rarely contacted her, but when he did, it was always something urgent.

Vicky hesitantly answered the call, "Hello?"

"What took you so long?" the man's voice sounded disdainful.

Vicky winced instinctively. His voice instantly sent a shiver down her spine.

She was taken back to the darkest times of her life where she had no one else to rely on but this man. Everyone else had turned their backs on her. She never wanted for that to happen again.

Even though it had been years since then, she still trembled in fear whenever she thought back to those times. She would still have nightmares every now and then whenever she thought of this man. She never wanted to go back.

"I'm sorry. I was in the shower, and I didn't hear my phone." Vicky quickly came up with an excuse. As she spoke, her voice was quivering.

"Why are you showering during the day? Did you just have sex?" the man scoffed.

Vicky hurriedly answered, "No. Charles isn't here. I was just working out, so I was sweaty."

"Whatever. Stop the bullshit. In half an hour, I want you and Charles to be at HY Mall level three. I have a surprise waiting for you." With that, he hung up the call.

Vicky remained frozen for a few seconds. After snapping out of her trance, she quickly dialed Ch

les got out of the car while Vicky seemed to be in a daze.

"What are you waiting for?" Charles said.

"Oh, we're here!" Snapping back to reality, Vicky looked around. Indeed, they were at the mall already.

Vicky got out of the car and grabbed Charles' hand, leaning into his body.

Charles' body instantly became stiff. Nudging Vicky's hand away, Charles walked ahead of her to keep some distance.

"Charles, wait for me." Vicky quickly followed him.

After an hour of shopping, Sheryl couldn't help but admire Duke and how efficient he was at shopping.

In her entire life, she'd never seen a man shop like Duke did. He was quite meticulous.

Duke scoured every single shop in the mall.

Initially, Sheryl assumed that Duke was just a fashionable man. However, she changed her mind. She thought, 'It's either that he's a shopaholic or he's just really bored!'

Eventually, she realized that both her guesses were wrong. Duke was just trying to have fun with her.

After a few hours of shopping, Sheryl's hands were full of shopping bags.

'I only came here to accompany Duke, so how come I ended up buying so many things for myself?' Sheryl wondered.

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