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   Chapter 2047 Learning More About Him

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Isla's jaw dropped at how unbelievable it was.

"Oh, my God! What's going on? Did you contact the people of this newspaper and ask them to withdraw the report?" Isla asked, with only the slightest pause to show her hesitation.

Sheryl shook her head, and she looked just as shocked. "I didn't. I learned about it the same time as you did."

"Then who'd be so nice to solve this problem for us?" It was suspicious, but even as she wracked her brains, she still couldn't figure out who would help them to solve this problem.

Sheryl's eyes fell on the video again, and she couldn't help but remember the events of the other night.

It was unexpected that she would meet Charles and make him misunderstand the relationship between her and Damian. Was it him?

No. It was impossible. It couldn't be him. After what happened that night, he'd definitely hate her, which made it impossible for him to help her because he wouldn't forget.

"Could it be... Damian?" Isla suddenly cried out. The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

"It can't be him. He just came back from abroad, so he wouldn't have that much influence," Sheryl explained.

There was a pause before Isla nodded in agreement. It made sense that it couldn't be Damian. "But this report is about you and Damian. If it wasn't him, who else would it be?"

After some lengthy discussions, in the end, they still didn't have an answer. Then, Phoebe pushed open the door.

"Excuse me, Miss Xia and Miss Zhao." Phoebe gave each of them a nod. "Miss Xia, Mr. Li from WEC is waiting for you in the meeting room as appointed."

"Okay. I'll be there soon," Sheryl replied and waved her off.

After Phoebe left, Isla turned to Sheryl and looked completely confused. "WEC? Is that Westy Eary Cray from America? It's the favorite of every large company in China! Everyone's fighting to work with them. When did you get in touch with them?"

"They found me. They said they liked the advertisement plans of our company and would like to cooperate with us." Honestly speaking, Sheryl was just as puzzled. She did


After hearing the suggestion, Duke exchanged a look with Danny and then replied, "That would be best. To be honest, we seldom come back to China. It would be great if you could be our tour guide. I wonder if we could have this honor."

All of a sudden, Sheryl didn't know how to reply because she didn't expect that they would have such a request, and it caught her by surprise.

They just set up their cooperation, and she was a boss. How would it be possible for a boss to be the tour guide for her cooperator?

Sheryl wasn't the only one who was shocked; even Isla was startled. It only took a quick glance at the two men, and she understood immediately that the aggressive way Duke looked at Sheryl couldn't be mistaken for anything else.

'Did Duke have any special interest in Sheryl?'

That would be big news! But Isla couldn't tell if it could be considered a good thing. She had to wait and see.

Considering that Sheryl was single now, she had the right to make friends, and if he was the right man, then it wouldn't be harmful for her to have a relationship with him. To be honest, Damian was good too. But he was not as good as Duke.

Since she had already made a comparison between Damian and Duke, Isla decided that she would make Sheryl try to get along with Duke. Even if Sheryl wouldn't fall in love with Duke, she should at least learn more about him.

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