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   Chapter 2046 Apology

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The only conclusion was that the man must have other sources of income. As to what exactly those were, Charles had no idea.

"Continue with the investigation!" Charles couldn't get mad at David for not getting any results yet.

"Yes, sir!" David answered.

"Keep an eye on the newspaper outlets. I don't want to see any news of that sort anymore!" Charles instructed.


"You can leave now."

"Yes, sir."

Once David had left Charles' office, he realized his back was dripping wet with sweat. He had been so nervous that Charles would get mad at him–luckily, he hadn't.

In his office, Charles gazed at his phone. He was looking at a photo of Sheryl and Damian.

Sheryl was gazing at Damian, a warm smile on her face.

"Damn it!"

Charles slammed his fist on the desk. He was basically torturing himself by looking at the photo, but he just couldn't stop looking at it, and he couldn't bring himself to delete it either.

'What does Sheryl see in this guy? Why would Sheryl defend him?

No! I can't just stay here and wait!' Charles exclaimed inwardly.

His eyes were gleaming in determination. Even though he still had problems with Vicky, he just couldn't let this slip by.

In the suburban mansion

There was a sudden burst of loud laughter in the living room.

"Ha-ha! Good luck explaining this, Sheryl!" Vicky was holding the newspaper in her hands.

She was gripping the newspaper so tightly that it was already crumpling in her hands. However, she didn't seem to care as she was too happy about the news.

She'd been planning to set Sheryl up, and here was an article exposing Sheryl!

What a great piece of news!

Vicky already wanted to tell Charles about this, but she decided against it right away.

'Maybe Charles already knows. After all, this is from a big press. Most of the people in the city have already

aggerated reporting?" Isla's eyes were widened. She couldn't help but admire Sheryl's composure. "Didn't you read the news? The reporter was just too…Anyway, if I see him around, I'm punching him in the face!"

"Why are you so agitated? Plus, why are you targeting his face? Target his hands since that's what he used to write the article with anyway," Sheryl cracked a joke.

Isla was at a loss for words. How could Sheryl be joking at a time like this?

"Sheryl, even if you don't care about what people think of you, you have to consider the company. If your name gets dragged, the company's name is tainted too. Do you know that?"

"Yes I do."

"Then why are you not worried?" Isla was getting impatient with Sheryl.

"The issue's been resolved. That's why I'm not worrying about it," Sheryl answered slowly.

"Resolved? What do you mean? How? Wait! Why am I not aware of this?" Isla was confused.

"Take a look. Here." Sheryl pulled up a website and showed Isla the video.

A representative from the press was issuing a public apology. He apologized for publishing a fabricated article with false statements, which may have tainted Sheryl's name. He reflected on the current press policies and sought public forgiveness.

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