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   Chapter 2045 Gossip

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All of a sudden, Sheryl didn't know what to say to Isla. She sighed. "Isla, is there anything else you want to talk about?"

"Don't hang up! If you don't tell me the truth, I will come find you and talk to you in person." Isla was rooting for Damian to be with Sheryl.


"Sheryl, even though Charles is a great man, on paper, he keeps hurting you! He has affairs with other women, and he does not fit you. He just keeps breaking your heart. You just have to let him go, Sher. It's for the best." Isla became more serious.

Sheryl was lost in thought. She knew that Isla was right, and she had to give up already.

But to her, Charles was special. She was going to have trouble forgetting him.

"Sheryl?" Isla prompted when Sheryl didn't respond, her voice worried.

"I'm not forgiving Charles, and I don't like Damian. That's all. Goodbye." Sheryl always chose to run away from problems she didn't how to deal with.

After Sheryl hung up, she got into the car and drove away.

Isla looked at the phone, deep in thought. Then a smile appeared on her face as she thought, 'Just you wait, Sheryl. I'll help you.' Isla was in a better mood after that. She didn't even mind that Sheryl had hung up on her.

Meanwhile, Damian had already left the Cloud Advertising Company and returned to his hotel. He looked upset.

He chose this hotel because it was near the Cloud Advertising Company, and he could go there to see Sheryl. But Sheryl seemed to be avoiding him.

'Sheryl, why are you avoiding me?'

Damian miserably took out the necklace he had bought for Sheryl. The necklace had a special meaning, and if Sheryl accepted it, it would mean that she and Damian were never going to part.

While Damian knew that Sheryl wasn't

Shining Company as Sheryl was still Charles' wife in public. They weren't going to let that happen.

In the Shining Company

Charles had just arrived at work. David hurried to enter his office. "Mr. Lu, I've already looked into it. The reporter who took the photos is new. He only accidentally took Sheryl's photos. I've already done something about it. I've asked the newspaper to take the article down."

"Thank you." Charles nodded.

David finally felt relaxed because he had done something right. But he still didn't know who Damian was. He was afraid that Charles would get mad at him.

"Do you know who Damian is yet?" Charles asked suddenly.

David felt nervous at once. This was the question he was dreading.

"Mr. Lu, I've asked around, and I've only confirmed that Damian is Chinese, but he lives overseas. He's a painter, but I don't have any information yet about his family. So I..." David started to sweat, feeling nervous.

He had tried his best to find out whatever he could about Damian, but this man was a mystery. He was a painter, but he didn't sell any of his paintings. He also seemed to live a luxurious life in another country.

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