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   Chapter 2041 Vicious Words

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"If there's nothing else, I need to go," Sheryl said, turning her gaze away from Charles. She had so many feelings stirring in her heart. She sighed inwardly as she made to leave.

"What are you so scared of?" Charles' hoarse and low voice croaked before she could even take a step.

Sheryl sneered and rolled her eyes. 'Has he lost his mind? This is ridiculous!' she thought to herself.

After their divorce, so many things had happened that Sheryl had already given up on the idea that they could still get back together. They didn't have any business with each other anymore. If anything, he was just the father of her kids.

Apart from that, Sheryl had no interest in keeping in contact with him. She just wanted to keep as much distance from him as it was possible. So she found it ridiculous that he was still thinking that way.

She then turned slowly and looked him square in the face. He was quite handsome. Something stirred in her heart. She sighed inwardly.

Charles kept his gaze fixated on her–watching her carefully. This look was something Sheryl was used to.

"Watch your mouth, Mr. Lu. I didn't ask you to be here. If you came all the way here just to say those things to me, keep it to yourself please," Sheryl spat sarcastically. "I almost misunderstood you. I thought you were jealous because I was out with another guy? Were you?"

Sheryl provoked him, something she had never done before.

If Charles cared about her and her feelings, he never should have hurt her in the first place. She knew that Charles had long moved on from her, especially since he was seeing someone else now.

Just as she expected, a disdainful smile appeared on Charles' face. "Wow, you're really good at making up stories," he said coldly.

Sheryl merely put on a knowing smile.

While she did regret saying these words, she had no choice now but to stand by them as she wasn't going to lose face in front of Charles.

"That's actually not true, Mr. Lu. If you aren't jealous, why are you angry? Let me remind you that we are already divorced, so who I go out with is none of your business!" Sheryl had already lost her temper and just wanted to slap Charles across the face.

"Of course, it's still my business!" Charles lowered his voice, gritting his teeth. "You're the mother of my kids. As you just said, we can't change the fact that we're parents. So you better clean up your act as you still need to be setting a good example to Clark and Shirley. Get my point?"

Sheryl widened her eyes in disbelief.

She was furious at this point. She couldn't believe Charles was saying all o

ce so that she'd look a bit better when she faced the kids.

Soaking her face in the cold water for a while, she was lost in her own thoughts again. She then looked at the woman in the mirror. Her eyes were still swollen, and she still looked pale. Sheryl forced a smile to make herself feel a bit better.

Meanwhile, Joan heard the kids making some noise. She went out of her room, cast a glance toward the staircase, and found Sheryl in the bathroom. "Ms. Xia, are you there?"

"Yes, I am. I'll go and check on the kids," Sheryl said in a low muffled voice, burying her face in the towel.

Joan didn't leave. After a while, Sheryl walked out of the bathroom and went upstairs.

Joan shook her head. She figured something bad must have happened. She rarely saw Sheryl like this. The last time Sheryl was like this was when she and Charles had divorced.

Sheryl went to the kids' room and was surprised to find that they were jumping up and down energetically. "Why are you two still up at this hour?" she asked, furrowing her brows.

"Mommy, you're finally back! Do you remember what you promised us today?" Clark shouted as he ran to her.

Sheryl then recalled that she'd promised to tell them bedtime stories. She had told them that morning before leaving for work. However, she wasn't really in the mood now, especially after the whole Damian and Charles thing.

The only light in the kids' room was the bedside lamps that were turned on. The kids were still too young to understand what was happening. If they noticed that her eyes were swollen, they were definitely going to ask questions. She didn't even want to think about Charles right now, let alone talk about him. Luckily, she was able to come up with an excuse.

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