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   Chapter 2040 Jealous

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In the hotel, Charles had a long discussion with the partner, lasting a few hours before he signed the agreement.

"Mr. Lu, I am so sorry. We were not aware of the relationship between your former secretary Leila and Mr. Xu. Thank you for the information." His partner apologized politely. He didn't dare to fully express his thoughts lest that would make Charles angrier.

"Maybe, Mr. Xu had forgotten to tell you. Even if we agree to cooperate, I don't think that Mr. Xu would deal with the project of Shining Company," Charles opined.

"All right. Mr. Lu, don't worry."


There were some legal clauses involved in this. The cooperation between them was about an audit. If someone's friends and family had worked for the cooperative company, this person couldn't take part in the cooperative project.

That was the reason that prevented Mr. Xu from taking part in this project. Therefore, the project would be going well.

Charles asked his employees to see off his partner. Then he headed downstairs to discuss work with David.

After that, just before Charles was about to leave the hotel, he happened to see Sheryl. Just one flash of Sheryl and a pleasant smile graced Charles' face. It had been so long that he had not seen her. How much Charles' missed Sheryl!

Charles had never expected to meet Sheryl in this way. He froze where he was standing as he watched her from afar. Sheryl had the same smile that always made him feel like coming back home. Slowly, his eyes shifted from Sheryl to the stranger she was smiling at. And in that very instant, the smile disappeared from Charles' face turning it into a grim expression.

Outside the hotel

Damian followed Sheryl as she got out of the car and headed towards the hotel entrance.

"Alright. You go upstairs. I need to go home." Sheryl said goodbye to Damian and was about to leave.

But as soon as she turned back, Damian stopped her.


"What's the matter, Damian?" Sheryl turned back and looked at Damian with curious eyes.

Damian walked closer to her with a smile and looked into her eyes affectionately. All of a sudden, he lowered his head.

Sheryl stared blankly at him, watching him as he inched closer to her. She had a vague sense of fear in her heart as if she knew something terrible was go


He just thought that I had made a boyfriend. The meaning of what he said is not so difficult to understand.'

Sheryl took a look at David and turned to stare at Charles with her eyes full of resentment. After that, she let out a cold smile and said, "That is none of your business."

Charles stared at Sheryl's face as her words pierced through his heart. Even if he was angry in his mind, he still kept calm. His eyes were fixed on her face, the same face that his world started and ended with. He still kept quiet, even if his heart had shattered to pieces.

He knew that he could not do anything.

It was true that it was none of his business. They were divorced. He had no right to stop her from finding a new boyfriend.

But damn it! He was jealous.

Sheryl belonged to him. And no divorce paper could change it.

Charles stared at Sheryl and said in a cold tone, "Sheryl, you can't get rid of me."

Sheryl widened her eyes. She was appalled.

'How arrogant he is!

How could he even utter such words?


"Mr. Lu, I remember that we are divorced. Have you forgotten about it?" Sheryl pressed her lips tightly and forced a cold smile.

Sheryl's repeatedly reminding him about the divorce made Charles flare up all the more. Damn it!

He did not divorce her out of his own free will. He had no other choice at that time. If he could choose, he would never willingly divorce her. He would live a happy life and grow old with Sheryl. And then, on top of that, she would not have made a new boyfriend.

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