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   Chapter 2036 Overreacting

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"What did you find?" Charles asked when he noticed the hesitant look on David's face. He could only assume that David had found something.

"It seems that Mr. Xu was acquainted with Leila." David had just received this piece of information and wasn't initially planning on telling Charles. However, since Charles had asked, he had no choice but to tell him.

David had no way of finding out if Leila had really been involved in this or not.

Something seemed to flash across Charles' eyes upon the mention of Leila. He smiled and said, "Seems he's planning on getting in our way."

Charles became visibly relaxed once he'd heard that it had something to do with Leila.

He had already decided on taking this project. He knew Mr. Xu was just buying time before he actually signed the contract.

On the way to the hotel, Charles received a call from Melissa.

Charles knew Melissa was calling to ask if he was going to be home for dinner.

Charles wasn't planning on answering the call. David immediately noticed that Charles was resting as he had his eyes closed. David then instantly picked up the call for Charles.

"Madam, this is David."

"Where is Charles?" Melissa couldn't understand why David was answering Charles' phone for him. 'Was Charles still working? Or did he just not want to hear my voice?'

All of these thoughts ran past Melissa's head in those few seconds.

"Mr. Lu's in a meeting now. You can leave a message with me, and I will tell him later," David said politely.

"Oh, I see."

Melissa calmed down when she heard this. She was just worried about him. Furrowing her brows together, she said, "Nothing, it's nothing. Just take care of him and tell him to eat properly."

"No need to worry, madam. I'll take care of Mr. Lu."

Melissa then hung up the call after giving David a few more instructions.

Charles only opened his eyes when he'd heard David hang up. He asked, "How are the kids?"


get angry. He seemed frozen in shock before responding, "I just overheard it at some of the parties I've been to. Mr. Lu, please don't take it so seriously."

"Of course not. It's false, and it's just a nasty rumor. I hope you won't let this affect our pending partnership. It will be a pity if it affected that." Charles leaned forward to pick up his cup of tea and took a sip.

Mr. Xu's face paled upon hearing this. He couldn't believe Charles was threatening him with their project.

He was going too far.

With this, Mr. Xu decided he was going to provoke Charles further. It was rumored that Charles was a heavy drinker. Tonight, he was going to prove this.

As he thought of this, he smiled and said, "Well, Mr. Lu, since it's just a rumor, let's just forget about it then. Let's not let it ruin our night. What do you think about that?"

"You're right. The food has been served. Let's eat."

"Mr. Lu." Mr. Xu suddenly raised his glass and said, "To the success of our project."

"Cheers." Charles raised his glass without hesitation.

They clinked glasses and drained the contents in one go.

Mr. Xu kept making up excuses to get Charles to drink.

They drank hard liquor. David couldn't stop them, nor could he drink on Charles's behalf, so he was naturally quite worried.

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