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   Chapter 2034 Don't Let Her Go

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"Good night? But I still wanted to talk to you. Please don't leave me alone."

In Australia, all Damian did was to stare at the phone.

After he'd sent his message, he hadn't taken his eyes off the phone afraid to miss Sheryl's response.

He'd been waiting for more than ten minutes, and his eyes were already tired. Still, no message from her.

Damian was upset. He figured Sheryl had thought that he was just joking. She'd already probably received his message, but she had just shrugged it off, thinking it was a joke. That's probably why she hadn't replied.

But he didn't want to give up. Even if he knew Sheryl didn't feel the same way about him, he still didn't want to give up.

He needed to talk to Sheryl in person.

Damian smiled. It was too late. Sher must have already gone to bed. If he sent another message, Sheryl might get annoyed.

After all, he'd already prepared. He was going to see the woman he loved in a few days.

Upon realizing this, Damian decided he wouldn't be bothered anymore. He didn't want to disturb Sher. He remained frozen for a while as he held his phone.

All of a sudden, he smiled brightly. Just the mere thought of Sheryl was enough to make him happy.

"Sheryl, I won't let you go this time." After he said that, he closed his eyes slowly.

The following day

Sheryl wasn't able to drive the kids to school since she woke up late. She felt ashamed when she saw that it was Joan who'd prepared to drop the kids off at school.

"Mom, we're leaving. Please take good care of yourself. See you tonight." Clark turned back and smiled at Sheryl.

"Goodbye, mom!" Shirley also waved her hands to say goodbye.

Sheryl's nerves were eased as she beamed at her children.

"Okay, see you later."

Sheryl had breakfast alone after the kids had left for school.

She thought it must be boring to also have dinner alone, so she found herself wishing someone would join her for dinner.

Charles, in par


"Nothing. I really don't know who it is. If I knew, I'd tell you." Sheryl looked at Isla with a serious expression.

Finally, Isla accepted that Sheryl wasn't lying to her, and she then let her go.

"Okay, I believe you." Isla sat across from Sheryl. She knew Sheryl wasn't lying. However, she couldn't believe that it was just a joke.

She didn't know what they could do to find out who it was. Sheryl started to get back to work, while Isla became lost in her own thoughts. She thought about the video from the bar.

Sheryl didn't think about it anymore because she didn't have a boyfriend. It was obvious that someone was just playing a joke on her.

In the Shining Company

Charles arrived at the office earlier than usual. He had asked David to set up a meeting to discuss their recent projects with the other company's representative.

Leila's previous interventions had caused them to lose the project; thus, they'd only been working small projects since. Now was a good opportunity to finally get a big project and gain some public interest. Hence, this was very important to him.

"Mr. Lu, I've already scheduled the meeting. The president just got off the plane. He's staying at a hotel. I've already talked to his secretary, and he'll be here in an hour," David reported.

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