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   Chapter 2032 Nightmare

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It was a tranquil night.

Charles was just staring at his phone. He couldn't believe that Sheryl would be so heartless as to not answer his call.

However, this was the cold harsh truth that he had to face. He felt bitterness filling his heart.

What was he still expecting? It was he who'd ended their relationship. Everything was his decision. It was all his fault.

Now that Sheryl had chosen to leave him and pursue her own life, his heart was in pain. He couldn't have imagined that it would be this painful, even though his separation from Sheryl was only recent. It still hurt very much.

Was he going to lose the woman he loved?

Charles stared blankly at his phone. After a long time, there was still no response from Sheryl. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to go back to bed.

Meanwhile, Sheryl had just made sure that the children were asleep. When she glanced at her phone, she was surprised to find someone had called her.

Her heart instantly skipped a beat. Charles was the last name she'd expected.

They hadn't talked since the divorce.

She'd noticed that there was only one missed call. 'Well, it probably wasn't urgent, or he would have called more than once, ' she thought to herself.

Sheryl heaved a sigh. She set her phone aside and kept gazing up at the ceiling. She felt like she was back in Dream Garden again.

Even though it was Isla who had chosen this place, the colors and decorations were similar to the ones in Dream Garden. Was it meant to be that way?

However, she didn't think that was a good sign as she thought that she and Charles weren't meant to be together.

Charles had only called this one time, and she had missed it. Was fate saying something?

Sheryl really wa

about to touch her face, the figure vanished.

Then he snapped back to reality.

He couldn't remember how many times this had happened—he'd see her face in the mirror whenever he sorely missed her.

Smiling bitterly to himself, he grabbed his toothbrush and started brushing his teeth.

He knew that he couldn't continue his life in such a mental state. He had to do something about this.

As he thought of this, his eyes seemed to gleam.

'I can't be with Sheryl, but I also can't not be with her. Let's just see. Could this get any worse?' he thought to himself.

Gradually, a confident smile crept onto his face.

In his studio

Damian inspected the surroundings. The studio had a size of over 100 square meters. Whenever he wasn't sleeping, he would stay in the studio to do his work. It could be said that this was the most important place for him.

However, it was time to leave. Damian heaved a sigh. Eyes filling with reluctance, he called his assistant using the internal line.

"Mr. Li, are you looking for me?" The assistant was a bit startled. Normally during work hours, Damian wouldn't allow anyone else to enter the studio.

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