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   Chapter 2031 Do You Already Know Everything

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Vicky turned a blind eye to his resistance. She insisted on making Charles stay by flirtatiously touching his chest.

"It's late, Charles. Aren't you tired already? You can't go home. You should stay here," she boldly suggested.

"No, I'm going home." Charles had no plans of staying the night with Vicky.

This time, he just wanted to test Vicky. Since he'd already achieved his goal, there was no need to stay.

"Honey, stay with me." Vicky suddenly hugged Charles from behind, or rather, she jumped on him.

"Charles, you've never treated me like this before. How can you treat me this way? You're so cold. Why? Why are you doing this to me? I just, I miss you. I'm going crazy. Just stay here for tonight. Please, Charles. Please stay the night,"

Vicky tearfully begged.

If it had been anyone else who was begging like this, he'd have been affected, but this was Charles. If anything, Charles only felt more disgusted.

"Before? I thought you lost your memory. Are you suddenly getting all your memories back now?" Charles said coldly.

For once, Vicky was unable to respond. She'd made a mistake and said the wrong thing.

After a minute, she said, "Even if I can't remember anything, I know for sure that you must have been good to me. Why else would I be so devoted to you?" Vicky looked at Charles firmly.

Charles gave her a cold look. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure you love me."

"You've got it all wrong then." Charles didn't care about Vicky at all.

At first, Charles was worried that Vicky would commit suicide. However, during this period of observation, he'd concluded that for now, Vicky wasn't going to do anything stupid. Thus, he didn't hold back as he talked to her.

"Charles, I've not misunderstood anything. I want you to stay. I know you love me." Vicky didn't seem to hear what Charles had just said.

Charles didn't have any more patience for this. He frowned and just sa

es nodded knowingly at the mention of Clark's name. When he saw the look on Melissa's face, he instantly knew what she meant. He sighed. "Mother, it has nothing to do with you. Why are you blaming yourself?"

"If it wasn't for me, Clark wouldn't have done that in the first place. It was all my fault. Did it worsen things between you and Sher?" Melissa said, full of remorse.

"No, mother. You don't have to worry about these things. I'll take care of them. It's late. You'd better go to sleep." Charles didn't want Melissa worrying about things like that, so he just urged her to go to bed.

Melissa had no choice but to let it go.

As Melissa headed upstairs, Charles followed behind.

That night, Charles had trouble sleeping. He couldn't stop thinking about Sheryl and the kids because of what Melissa had just said.

Suddenly, he called Sheryl without thinking too much about it. He'd summoned all of his courage; however, to his disappointment, there was no response.

Charles was upset that Sheryl hadn't answered. As soon as the dial tone stopped ringing in his ear, he threw his phone aside.

He'd guessed that Sheryl probably wouldn't answer the call, but before it turned out that she really wasn't going to, he hadn't realized how much it was going to hurt.

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