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   Chapter 2030 Cooking By Herself

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"Have you done anything wrong? Why are you lowering your head as if you were guilty?" Charles asked frowning.

"No, no. Mr. Lu, not at all." David hesitated to tell Charles what was really going on.

Charles thought David was acting strange. He knew that David was a decisive and honest man. But what was he hesitating to tell him now?

"All right, David. You can go back to work now." Charles didn't have time to figure out what David was hiding, so he sent him away instead.

Charles was about to leave the office and go home when he got a call from Vicky.

Of course, he wasn't going to answer his phone because he could see Vicky's number. But that woman sneakily found out the number to his office, and she had called many times.

Charles' office phone rang. Without looking at the number or thinking it would be Vicky, he answered it.

"Charles, why haven't you been answering my phone calls? I have been calling for a while now."

Hearing Vicky's voice dripping in sweetness, Charles couldn't help but feel disgusted.

"What's up?" Charles didn't want to talk long with Vicky and got right to the point.

Vicky was offended by his brusqueness, but she pretended to be happy. She wanted it to seem that nothing would affect her good mood and that she was impenetrable.

"Charles, could you come over and have dinner with me? We haven't spent a lot of time together recently." Vicky's voice and eyes were filled with hope, longing, and expectation.

Charles opened his mouth and was about to refuse her. Then he suddenly thought about something and said, "All right. I'll come over when I finish work."

"Sounds great! I'll be waiting for you." Vicky hung up excitedly.

Charles looked at his phone and became lost in his thoughts.

In fact, he really didn't want to see Vicky, but then he had thought about what David had told him concerning Vicky. How she went out of villa discreetly, and he wanted to ask her cautiously to figure out what was going on.

After Charles finished work, he asked David to drive him to Vicky's place. However, David felt uncomfortable at this request.

"All right. I'll get another driver to take me there. You can go back to your work." Charles knew that David didn't want to see Vicky, so he didn't want to force him.

"Mr. Lu, are you going to..."

"So! Now you're asking me? Well? You don't have to guess anymore. I want to know what Vicky has been up to. So far, your investigation hasn't given me any clear-cut answers." Charles was worried because

her now.

Therefore, Vicky knew that Charles didn't know the truth yet. He was just waiting for her to tell it to him.

All of a sudden, Vicky walked towards Charles and took his hand. She looked rather pitiful at this moment and said, "Charles, do you blame me?"

"What? Why would I blame you?" Charles asked. He wanted to know the reasoning as to how Vicky could make such an excuse.

"I am so lonely here, so, yes, I do go to the bar and drink some wine alone. But I only drink two glasses of wine. I am afraid that you wouldn't like it, so I don't dare to tell you. Can you forgive me?" Vicky looked at Charles, hoping her cover-up would be believed and that he would forgive her.

Charles examined Vicky carefully. He suspected that she was a little too nervous. But he couldn't decide whether she was making sure not to tell him the truth, or if she had again lied to him by making herself out as the victim. Or was he overthinking this?

Well, only someone that lied to others could act as naturally as Vicky was doing now. He decided that her eyes weren't telling the truth. He knew that she had lied to him.

"Well, I am not angry. Let's finish dinner now." Charles pushed Vicky away softly and continued eating.

During the dinner, Vicky felt embarrassed and tried to make a conversation. But Charles didn't say anything. Vicky felt scared as she saw Charles' cold expression.

After dinner, Charles was about to leave, but Vicky stopped him.

"Charles, are you going to leave now?" Vicky took Charles' hand. She didn't want to let him go.

"Do you have anything else?" Charles asked impatiently. He wanted to leave and not stay even a moment longer.

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