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   Chapter 2029 Something Happened To Clark

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"Are you hiding anything from me?" Charles looked at David and asked suspiciously, his eyebrows knitting together.

It took a moment for David to reply. And this intensified Charles' suspicions. Normally, David was very prompt with his answers.

Charles' earlier expression instantly changed to that of anger. His piercing eyes bore into David's face.

David had no other choice but to tell him the truth. He looked very hesitant, afraid that Charles would be angrier after knowing the truth.

"David, I am not going to ask you again. You have one last chance to explain it." Charles didn't open his eyes but released a strong aura of oppression, making it hard for David to catch his breath.

"Mr. Lu, I want to tell you the truth. However, I am afraid of your reaction. Can you promise me that you won't burst into anger?" David summoned his courage and intended to tell Charles the truth, seeing as he wanted to know it so badly.

"Skip this nonsense and get to the point!" Charles roared and finally opened his eyes.

"Something happened yesterday when the two kids were playing with Mrs. Lu in the fairground. After carrying out an investigation, I found out what the trouble was. It turned out that Clark pretended to be lost just so he could come to see you. This had Mrs. Lu worried all day long." David briefly described what had happened yesterday. Even though it didn't seem like a big deal, he was sure that Charles would be furious.

But to his surprise, Charles didn't say anything. He just sat there looking grim, seething with rage.

David didn't dare to talk. He just continued to drive quietly.

After a while, Charles let out a sigh and said, "Keep an eye on the kids and ensure they are safe."

"Mr. Lu, you can rest assured. Our men are very meticulous when it comes to their job. They are doing the best to protect your kids. Nothing can ever happen to them under their watch." David made a promise to Charles, hoping this would put his mind to rest.

"Okay, fine then."

After saying this, Charles closed his eyes and stopped talking.

At this time, Isla had just arrived at the bar. One of her men scurried forward and spoke in a flattering voice, "Boss, here is something that we found. Is this what you are looking for?"

For the past few days, he had been continuously looking over the surveillance video, hoping to find something useful. He had been so thorough in his job that his poor eyes would

Take care and keep in touch." Nancy then hung up the phone.

Seeing Nancy's actions, Melissa hastened to nervously ask, "What did she say?"

"Madam, it's alright. According to Joan, Sher looked completely fine yesterday. And since it is the weekend, the kids are sleeping. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened." Nancy didn't understand why Melissa was so worried. But she guessed that something awful had happened. Moreover, she vividly remembered how tense Melissa had looked yesterday. Since it wasn't her place to ask any questions, she decided to remain silent.

"Okay, I think I will go out to play cards. That may ease my worries." Melissa then walked out of the Dream Garden.

Melissa was not in the mood for playing cards at all, but she didn't want to stay at home since it did her no good. At home, she could do nothing but overthink the matter. 'Fresh air may help me elevate my mood, ' she thought hopefully.

After roaming about the street near the villa for a while, Melissa decided to find her friends to play cards. She now knew too well that things would only become worse if she went to find Sheryl.

At the Shining Company

Charles was fidgeting restlessly. He had been in a tense state and couldn't bring himself to stay composed. As a father, his mind wouldn't stop worrying about Clark.

A knock on the door broke the silence.

"Come in," Charles said, returning to his senses. He looked up and tried to feign a relaxed look.

David pushed the door open and came in. He cast a quick glance at Charles before stepping towards him and saying, "Mr. Lu, this document needs your signature."

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