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   Chapter 2026 Clark Has Gone Missing

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With a ferocious, almost animalistic look in his eyes, the man in the black suit waved an angry finger at Sheryl and Isla. He was like a bull, ready to ram them over.

"Get out of my sight!"

Isla yelled, hands shaking. All she could see was red. If Sheryl hadn't been beside her, she would've already gone over and beaten the guy up.

Phoebe was the one who took over the situation, walking over to the man to ask him to leave. With a threat to call security, he had no other choice but to follow her.

The suited man left, to everyone's relief, and Sheryl turned to Isla. If looks could kill, Isla would've been ten feet under the ground.

Isla avoided her gaze, feeling deflated by the whole incident. Forced to get her act together, she turned to Phoebe. "They made the first move, okay? I was calm at first, but he said some things, and I just lost my temper." She jerked her head. "If you don't believe me, then ask Phoebe."

Sheryl had already advised Isla once to remain calm whenever she had encountered situations like these. However, the man had gone a step too far, and if Sheryl hadn't stopped her, she would've crawled over the counter and given the guy a piece of her mind.

"Tell me what he said then," Sheryl demanded, confused by the entire event. Isla collapsed back into the couch, a hand rubbing her forehead.

"You tell her for me," Isla said to Phoebe, irritated.

"Ms. Xia, I don't think I can." Phoebe hesitated. She had heard those words, but to say them right in front of Sheryl...It wasn't something she was prepared for. Phoebe cringed at the thought.

"Just tell me!" Sheryl curled her lips, staring her down.

One look at both their faces, Phoebe's shoulders drooped, and she had no choice but to give the facts.

"Ms. Xia...It was about you. When the representatives of the Success Company arrived, they started talking about you and the services that our company has given them," she hesitated. "They may have also brought up the relationship between you and Mr. Lu." Phoebe avoided her gaze, suddenly taking an interest in their carpeted floor. She said everything at such a slow pace, checking every word she had said.

"Phoebe's not saying it right," Isla interjected. She finally stood. "They said that you and Charles have already gotten divorced, and that meant this company's future was now close to nonexistent. They were asses enough to actually tell me that they only chose our company for old times' sake. I went too far, but if you'd heard them, y

Half an hour later, they finally arrived at the amusement park, and Sheryl quickly jumped out of the car and raced to the opening. It was a good thing there weren't many people, and they found themselves easily allowed to pass through the entrance.

"What the hell is going on, Aunt Melissa?" The words slipped out of her mouth before Sheryl could stop them. She glanced around the park hurriedly, hoping that her little boy would just pop out of the seats from thin air.

Melissa broke into tears, grasping Shirley's hand close to her chest. She was trembling, not meeting her eyes.

"It's my fault, Sheryl. Shirley wanted some ice I went to get it...but after that...Clark was gone. I'm so, so sorry." Melissa's voice continually wobbled feeling the guilt eating her up inside. This shouldn't have happened under her watch. Of all the things...

She remembered begging Sheryl to spend time with her grandchildren before she had finally agreed for her to take them to the amusement park. And now, she had to go and screw things up.

"The important thing is to find him!" Sheryl said frantically, wanting to be angry at Melissa, yet also knowing that it wasn't the woman's fault either.

All four wandered around the amusement park, calling his name with the hopes that he'd rush back towards them with open arms. However, an hour has passed, and no one had yet seen the boy.

Sheryl continued searching, her hands shaking as she did. If Clark was gone–Tears threatened to run down her cheeks at the thought. She wouldn't know what to do without her child, and she couldn't imagine a world without him. 'Please, please let me find him, ' she thought.

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