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   Chapter 2025 Sudden Troubles

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In the Dream Garden

After Charles left, Melissa and Nancy busied themselves with the preparation of presents for the children.

It took them about two hours before they were satisfied. They weren't taking chances. After all, the happiness of two children depended on it.

Melissa fiddled with the wrapping even after all they were done, smoothing out non-existent creases and arranging the bows to perfection. Nancy picked up on her hesitation. "Don't worry, Mrs. Lu," she assured her. "They will like the presents. I am sure that the kids will be happy with these."

Melissa nodded and gave her a small smile. Nancy was right. They had done all they could. Surely these were guaranteed to put a smile on the children's faces.

"All right. I'll be going now."

She bid Nancy goodbye and headed straight to Sheryl's apartment. Her chest was pounding with anticipation. She couldn't wait to see the two kids and their expressions when they saw what she had for them.

It was a weekend, and there was no hurry. She had taken her time packing things that she thought might be useful for today.

Sheryl's home was less than an hour's drive from the Dream Garden. But it took her two hours to arrive at Sheryl's home today.

Her car arrived at the same time Sheryl was taking her kids downstairs. The children were visibly delighted. Today was a good day. They were going to an amusement park.

Melissa met them at the door. "Sher..." she greeted her warmly. Sheryl was surprised at her sudden arrival. The driver was standing beside Melissa, his hands full with presents.

She had not expected her visit. She was flustered, but she held it in, not wanting to embarrass Melissa. Giving her a bright smile, she asked, "Aunt Melissa, what brings you here?"

"I missed you and the two children," Melissa replied. She had an inkling of what the situation was, but she kept calm.

"You brought so many presents! Thank you very much," Sheryl beamed. Melissa and the driver's arms were full of gifts. She felt a little moved at Melissa's thoughtful gesture.

She turned to her children and said, "Clark, Shirley, let's help grandmother carry presents. And remember what you have to say to her."

The children's eyes were wide with delight at the sight of the mountain of gifts. "All right, Mom. Thank you, Grandma,"

they said together.

Melissa felt her chest warm with the joy in their faces. It was contagious. Before she knew it, she found herself returning their smiles.

Sheryl had meant to go to the amusement park with the kids, but now that Melissa arrived, she was starting to consider changing for a third option.

Clark was visibly thrilled by his grandmother's presents. "Grandmother, I like the presents so much!" he said.

"Anything for you! Come on. Would you like to open them together?" The children squealed with delight. Melissa bent down to open the gifts with them.

Meanwhile, Sheryl stood quietly beside them and watched the joyful scene unfolding in front of her. All of a sudden, her smile vanished as thoughts of Charles fluttered through her mind.

She shook off the unwanted thoughts and turned to her children once again, taking in thei

ist's expression. Even that alone was enough to tell her that something was terribly wrong.

"What happened?" she asked even before she was completely in front of the desk.

"Ms. Xia, you have to go upstairs now. Mrs. Zhao is arguing with the clients," the receptionist explained, her voice distressed.

Sheryl nodded her head and went upstairs.

She heard the echoes of indignant voices even before she reached the room. Isla was screaming.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Success Company merely grit his teeth in fury.

Sheryl walked as fast as she could and stepped inside the room.

"What's the matter?" Sheryl stood in front of Isla.

As soon as Isla saw her, her eyes went sharply to Phoebe.

Phoebe trembled under the intensity of her gaze and explained in a hushed voice, "You were fighting with our client. I had to..."

"Are you Sheryl?" The leader of the Success Company addressed Sheryl, pointing an impolite finger at her. It was clear as day that he was looking down on her.

"Yes, I am. What's wrong?" Sheryl looked at him squarely, ready to hear their explanation.

"Why don't you ask Mrs. Zhao here, since she has been giving us the VIP treatment since earlier. You can just see how much she cares for the project," he sneered sarcastically. It was unbecoming for a man who wore such expensive clothes to be speaking in such a discourteous manner.

"Sheryl, don't even bother talking to him! We won't accept their project. Phoebe, please show our esteemed guests out." Isla hadn't expected that the situation would blow up to this intense of an argument. Now, even Sheryl had been dragged into it. She wanted nothing more than to send these men and their troubles away.

Phoebe was more than willing to comply. She turned to the representatives of the Success Company and gave them a polite bow before gesturing to the door. "Our sincerest apologies, but it seems that this meeting will no longer proceed. Please be careful on your way out." She held the door open, waiting for them to leave.

"You will pay for this," the leader of Success Company growled, his eyes full of threats.

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