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   Chapter 2020 It’s Time For Both Of You To Pay!

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After finishing with her work, Sheryl allowed Phoebe to get off duty earlier than usual. And alone, she went to the appointed place. Sheryl and Belinda had made an appointment in advance to have dinner.

Thanks to Melissa's dramas, Sheryl had gotten acquainted with Belinda. They got along well and enjoyed each other's company.

Since the day Sheryl had gone to Belinda and apologized to her, Belinda's impression of Sheryl took a drastic turn. She used to look down upon Sheryl, but now, Belinda admired Sheryl's honesty and sincerity. Everything about Sheryl made her a trustworthy friend.

"Sheryl, I am sad I met you so late in life. It is so rare to find people like you these days. You made me realize what a real friend should be. I have many friends, but none of them are as genuine as you. I know most of them are sticking around just because of my status. They are obedient, but behind my back, they speak ill of me. I just pretend that I don't know…"

Sheryl realized Belinda was opening up her heart to her, so she felt touched. But there was a part of Sheryl that was truly shocked. Belinda's personal troubles raised Sheryl's compassion.

They had met like this on several occasions. Belinda had asked Sheryl to attend her marriage as her bridesmaid. She had thought that she would receive a positive reply from Sheryl, but to her dismay, Sheryl refused her request.

Belinda and Jackson had booked a table in a large restaurant, and they happily waited there for Sheryl to arrive. When Sheryl reached the restaurant, she quickly spotted the couple from a distance. Sheryl felt apologetic when she found herself late for dinner. She quickened her pace. Before she took a seat beside Belinda and sat down, she smiled and apologized, "Sorry, I hope I haven't kept you waiting for too long!"

"Come on, Sheryl! Don't be so courteous. We are friends after all!" Belinda taunted since she didn't appreciate it when Sheryl behaved so formally. After all, they were friends, and Sheryl was supposed to be comfortable instead of apologetic.

"Well, then I promise to never behave in this manner with you. I take back my apology!" Sheryl replied with a meaningful smile.

The atmosphere was livened up by such an amusing conversation, and Jackson couldn't help but chuckle.

"Don't forget about me. I don't know why, but I am starting to feel ignored," Jackson cut in, trying to get the attention of the two girls.

Seeing how desperately Jackson was trying to fit in, Sheryl and Belinda exchanged a smile and burst into laughter.

Soon, the waiter came up with a menu. Belinda immediately took it and turned her head toward Jackson, saying, "Now, Jackson, I have always tol


"Mr. Lu, I have men who promised to keep a close eye on Vicky. Once we find something useful, you will be the first one to be notified. I am sure it is only a matter of days before you and Mrs. Xia can get back together!" David promised.

David couldn't leave without reminding his boss to give his mind a rest.

However, no matter what David had said, Charles had an uneasy feeling in his heart.

'Vicky? Don't be scared of her!

Why are you so intimidated by her? Don't be! Be a man and get rid of this trouble! Or else it will be too late!' Charles told himself, wanting to take action.

Suddenly, Charles heard someone knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Charles called. He frowned as he knew it was his secretary who was knocking. He quickly cleared his mind and then gestured for her to report.

"Mr. Lu, I am here to remind you of the meeting you have at 3 p.m. Do you want me to reschedule it?" the secretary asked in a very cautious tone at seeing the trace of anxiety over her boss' face.

"No, I will be attending it. You can leave now!" Charles slightly nodded his head, and then he asked her to leave.

At the same time, in the villa where Vicky stayed, it was eerily silent.

Vicky sat alone in front of the dresser, looking into the mirror. Her delicate and beautiful face was engulfed in sorrow. A surge of rage began to grow in her heart.

Her thoughts took a different turn. Unable to control it, she let out a sneer and narrowed her eyes.

'Charles and Sheryl, it's time for both of you to pay! As long as I am alive, you guys can't live a peaceful life. I take an oath to destroy you both!'

A sudden knock of the door brought Vicky back to reality.

She immediately composed herself. Quickly, she gazed at the door and answered, "Come in, please!"

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