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   Chapter 2019 An Angry Charles

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An hour later, a meeting was being held at Charles' company. David thought that Charles would lose his temper in the meeting since he was in a bad mood now.

Meanwhile in the conference room, everyone was waiting for Charles to begin.

Charles finally arrived, and as soon as he sat down in the front, the meeting began. The leader of the department reported on the latest project and everything else followed suit just like a normal business meeting.

After they all had finished their reports, gone through all the updates, and were preparing to leave, Charles quickly stood up and suddenly threw down the documents on the conference room table.

"Do you all think that the Shining Company is so rich? Huh? What disgraceful reports!" Charles then just silently stared at them. Everyone felt so frightened.

They also felt ashamed. With these two emotions mixing within them, no one dared to raise their heads or speak up.

But these actions, or non-actions, caused Charles to feel even angrier.

"In three days, the leader of the Finance Department will recalculate all the fees of these projects during the first half of the year," Charles pointed out everything that he was not satisfied with.

Everyone nodded at once because they didn't and wouldn't dare to argue with Charles, the company President.

The meeting was scheduled to last for an hour, but it actually only lasted half an hour.

After Charles went out of the room, everyone felt more relaxed.

David followed Charles out of the venue and into his office.

"Mr. Lu, I put the documents on your desk." David found that Charles was acting out of his normal character, but he didn't dare to ask why. He was just going to leave the office after he put down the documents.

"All right, tell me, David. How is Sheryl doing? Is everything going well?" Charles looked at David with a serious expression.

All of a sudden, from the anger, that Charles had shown in the meeting room to the concern now displayed for Sheryl in his office, David was simply confused. He didn't answer immediately but finally replied, "Nothing to report at all. Just that Isla and Nick were making a plan."

"What? What are they doing exactly?" Charles' eyebrows furrowed. He had a bad feeling about this.

David thought for a while, but he finally decid

reciation to you." Jackson hugged Belinda, and they looked at each other, smiling sweetly.

Whoever saw their smiling joy would be envious of their affection.

"All right, all right. I accept your invitation, but don't show off your affection the whole day!" Sheryl pretended to be tired of their sweet smiles.

"Okay. We will see you at noon then," Belinda said, confirming their lunch date together. She was afraid that Sheryl would refuse it.


"Okay, we are going to go shopping now. We will pick you up when you are all done with your work." Belinda smiled reassuringly at Sheryl. They then both left together as rich couples usually do, without a care in the world.

After they had left, Phoebe felt confused. She looked at Sheryl and said, "Ms. Xia, when did you become her friend?" "I thought she would create some drama and tension against you."

Sheryl saw Phoebe's frightened expression and couldn't help but shake her head. She said with a smile, "Jackson is my friend, and Belinda is a clever girl. I have explained the misunderstanding to her. We have been friends since then. Don't worry so much."

Phoebe didn't feel relaxed until Sheryl fully explained it to her.

"Well, I see now. Do you need me to drive you to the restaurant?" Phoebe asked Sheryl as she put away the documents.

Sheryl shook her head. "No, Phoebe. It's fine. I can go there on foot. It is not far from here."

"All right. I'll get out of your office and finish my work." After saying this, she left Sheryl's office immediately.

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