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   Chapter 2018 A Short Temper

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Isla took a grave look at Nick and shrugged at her in frustration. "Although Sheryl appears fine recently, I know for sure that she is faking it because, up to now, Charles still held a place in her heart. And instead of moving on, she chooses to live in the past. If we cannot help her get over this quickly, then she will spend the rest of her life missing and thinking miserably about Charles. She is worthy of someone better, and we must help her to forget him."

Caring about Sheryl, Isla also couldn't help worrying too much. She knew how painful it was to miss someone that you knew would never come back. If Sheryl were to continue living her life like this, then she would seriously end up losing more. Isla vowed that she would never let that fate befall her best friend.

"Isla, you know what? I don't think that it is completely over between Sher and Charles. There is still a good chance that the two of them can get back together," Nick suddenly countered, cutting Isla off with an opposing view out of the blue, which surprised Isla a little bit.

"What do you mean?" Isla gave Nick a confused look as she stared at him, searching for answers. The way she saw it, their relationship was way beyond salvaging. And it disheartened her.

Nick and Cassie quickly exchanged a look. It was as if they had just reached an agreement before Nick told Isla about what had happened at the hospital.

After hearing from Nick about the incident at the hospital, Isla found herself immersed in all kinds of thoughts. She was more cynical than Nick in the way she looked at it, and she weighed the pros and cons. For her, the incident at the hospital would have only shown that Charles had not felt too kindly to Vicky, but it did not necessarily mean that he still had feelings for Sheryl.

"So what? If he really loves Sheryl, why would he divorce her in the first place? He has not visited her once after the divorce to see how she is doing, not even his two kids. Do you think that it is still not over between the two of them? I am sorry, but I do beg to differ." The more Isla thought about the whole thing that Charles had done to Sheryl, the angrier she got. She saw absolutely no way to salvage their relationship.

"Isla, I think that these things may not as bad as we think. Maybe we should just give Sher a little bit more time to let her work it out with Charles herself," Cassie simply suggested to Isla while studying her after a moment of serious contemplation.

She had also weighed in, seeing that Isla just lowered her head, clearly trying to get her head around the situation around Sheryl.

Isla did not shoot back with a rebuttal after both Nick and Cassie had stated what they wanted to say, and there was nothing but dead silence among the three of them.

'Are they actually right about Charles and Sheryl? Am I being too stubborn and inflexible about this issue?'

Isla mused over herself as she had complicated feelings about this. Before she met with the two of them, Isla had already thought of a plan that she wanted to run by them first about how to help Sheryl in moving on. However, under their influence, Isla now started to feel shaky about her initial plan and began to doubt herself whether she was right or wrong about their relationship.

"Isla, what matters the most in their relationship is their feelings towards each other, which is something you cannot force. So I

that I have just moved here, and I am not familiar yet with this place. So I took a quick tour of this place today. Is everything okay?"

"Oh, no. Just asking. Since you have just been discharged from the hospital, you should take sufficient rest." Stella restrained herself from saying too much for fear that it might tip Vicky off.

"Thank you, Stella. Don't worry; I will take care of myself. I am going upstairs for some rest now. Let me know when the meal is ready," Vicky responded to Stella with a blank face before she headed upstairs.

As soon as Vicky was nowhere in sight after retreating upstairs, Stella immediately found a quiet place to call Charles. She felt it necessary to report to him what she had found about Vicky.

At that time, Charles had just left the Dream Garden when suddenly he received a phone call from Stella. With a frown etched on his face, he answered, "Stella, what is it?"

"Charles, Vicky went out this morning and has just returned to her room, and I have no idea where she has been to." Stella purposely kept her voice quite a bit lowered to prevent Vicky from eavesdropping on her.

"Good. I've got it. You just keep an eye on her. And if she does anything, don't hesitate to give me or David a call," Charles, once again, requested Stella to keep a close eye on Vicky before he hung up the phone.

"What's the matter, sir?" David noted that the call was from Stella, and he began to grow nervous as he thought it might have something to do with Vicky.

"Pull up the surveillance around the villa. I would like to have a look where she had been to this morning." After giving the instruction, Charles closed his eyes without another word in an attempt to catch some precious moments of rest.

"Of course, sir. Right away."

David did not waste much time. He immediately carried on, pulling the surveillance footage quietly. Careful not to disturb Charles in his rest.

Charles had only opened his eyes when their car arrived at the company. He threw a knowing look at David before he headed upstairs.

David instantly followed behind him. He could sense that Charles was having a short temper today, so he stayed behind without another word. After Charles entered the office, David opted to stay at the door instead.

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