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   Chapter 2017 Introduction

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Soon, Sheryl and Isla finally arrived at the apartment, tired from the long day that they had. Pulling the key from her bag, Sheryl twisted it in the doorknob before pushing the door open.

Shirley and Clark were already sitting on the couch, glancing at the door every minute, knowing that their mother would arrive soon. When they heard the door click, they ran to the two figures who had entered, jumping around them excitedly. "Mom, Aunt Isla," they yelled. "Can we go to the cinema tonight?"

"And where did this idea come from?" Sheryl raised an eyebrow, bending her knees to look her daughter in the eye, amused at the suggestion.

"Mom," Shirley whined. "My classmates said there's this new movie out and that it's great. I want to watch it too. Please, please, with cherries on top?" Shirley dangled Sheryl's arms, pouting.

Sheryl laughed, ruffling Shirley's hair, much to her daughter's protesting before turning to Isla. "Well? Want to come with us?" she offered.

"Sure! I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema." Isla shrugged.

Sheryl nodded before turning to her son. "And you, Clark?"

"As long as Shirley wants to." After a look at his sister's insisting face, he nodded in confirmation.

"Okay, then. We'll go after we finish dinner. Joan," Sheryl called, and the other woman appeared from the kitchen, wearing an apron as if she'd just started cooking. "Do you mind preparing our dinner a bit earlier? We'll be heading out tonight."

"Yes, Miss." Joan bowed her head in understanding before returning to the kitchen. After Sheryl and Isla had talked with the kids a bit more, Joan came back, signaling that she was already finished. Without another word, the two kids ran to the dining table with Sheryl and Isla following behind them.

Much to the adults' amusement, the kids were eating as if their lives depended on it, especially Shirley, who had finished her plate before all of them did. Happily, she munched on her last spoonful of rice, smiling up at them. "I'm done," she said, and Sheryl chuckled at the sight. "Let's go to the cinema!"

On the way, the kids were talking excitedly with Isla, butting in teasingly. At these times, Sheryl almost forgot what she was feeling. Almost. As they found their seats inside the theater, Sheryl couldn't help but see the couples snuggling together as they waited for the movie to start. She couldn't help but stare for a second, remembering the times she had spent with Charles. They were also like this once, snuggling together as they appreciated each other's warmth.

However, it wasn't the same as it once was.

"Sher, is something wrong?" Isla nudged Sheryl, knocking her out of her reverie.

"Ah, what?" She smiled sheepishly.


esponse, Sheryl moved closer. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I am," Isla reassured her. "Come on, let's go back to the company, or else we'd be late. Phoebe might be waiting for us." Isla walked Sheryl to the office.

As Isla avoided her stare and questions, Sheryl sighed. She might as well try to ask another time.

When they finally got to the office, Phoebe was indeed waiting for her outside of her office. Once she neared, Phoebe quickly handed the file over to Sheryl and asked for her signature. Once Sheryl was distracted, Isla left without saying goodbye.

Isla didn't leave the office to go shopping. She made an appointment with Nick and Cassie. Although she looked perfectly fine right now, she couldn't help but be a bit worried about her friend.

Isla called Nick once she left the Cloud Advertising Company.

"Isla, where are you? Cassie and I are almost there,"

Nick started once he picked up.

"I'm almost there. See you soon." Isla hung up and stepped on the gas.

Soon, all three of them had arrived in the coffee shop. Though the atmosphere was rich with coffee and peace, Isla still couldn't help but feel a bit agitated over everything that had happened. Catching sight of Nick's waving hand, she went over to sit opposite them, still lost in thought.

"Isla, what's happening? You sounded very worried," Nick questioned as she sat down.

Cassie was staring questioningly at her too. Isla wasn't normally this out of it.

Isla emptied her glass of water to half in a single gulp before looking up at them. "I actually came here to ask for your opinion." She tapped on the table before looking up at them. "I'm thinking of introducing someone to Sher. Do you know anyone? It's about time the woman starts dating again."

"What?" Nick choked on his glass as he stared at her in disbelief.

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