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   Chapter 2014 Warning

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After half an hour or so, Sheryl and Isla came out together.

From afar, Charles caught sight of Sheryl's smiling face. This filled him with relief, and a warm smile appeared on his face as well.

David had noticed the sudden change in his boss' expression. He secretly prayed that Charles would be able to spend his life with Sheryl. After all, it was evident to him that Charles could only be happy when Sheryl was around.

Since Sheryl was standing very far from him, Charles had no way of knowing what she and Isla were talking about. However, the only thing that mattered to him was her happiness. And, even from this distance, he could tell she was fine.

"Let's go back to Dream Garden." Charles thought that he had to talk to Melissa. The last time their conversation had yielded no results. This time, however, he was determined to convince his mother. Otherwise, the consequences might be uncontrollable and unbearable.

On his way back home, Charles was engrossed in thought. He tried to think of a convincing way in which he could talk to Melissa.

Charles also knew that the only reason that Sheryl didn't question him regarding the matter was that she didn't want to talk to him anymore. If Melissa continued to act so capriciously, Sheryl might get seriously enraged.

"Mr. Lu, I don't think you should be this worried. Mrs. Lu did that because she wanted Ms. Xia to stay with you. I think Ms. Xia would also understand this point." Since Charles had kept his brows knitted in the car, David tried to console him.

"But Sheryl must be disappointed with me. Even my mom made an effort to restore this relationship. I am the only idiot who didn't take any active action. I guess she is deeply hurt now." This had been bothering Charles.

However, his lack of enthusiasm wasn't because he didn't care for Sheryl anymore. It was just that he wanted to get everything sorted before getting back to Sheryl. This time he didn't want to leave any room for problems. Otherwise, Sheryl and the kids would also be burdened by his own concerns.

"Mr. Lu, now that Vicky has been discharged from the hospital, we'll soon find out her secrets. Good days are ahead, so don't worry." David had a stron

m Charles' wife. As his wife, I share all our properties, including the Shining Company." Since Charles wasn't around, Vicky decided to make use of this opportunity. She took satisfaction in triggering Melissa.

"Vicky, enough of that nonsense! Do you really believe that Charles will accept you? Well, then you are deluded. Let me warn you! Without my consent, you're never going to be a part of the Lu family!" Melissa shot back desperately.

Vicky decided to fight back. There was no way that she could tolerate this humiliation.

"Melissa, I was kind to you only because you're Charles' mother. However, it seems that you don't appreciate my kindness..."

Smack! Melissa slapped Vicky right across her face.

'This woman is simply arrogant! I have to put her in her place!' Melissa thought to herself.

"Vicky, let me remind you, you are the one who doesn't appreciate my kindness. I've been really patient with you till now. It is time for you to make your decision! I can give you some money if you promise to get the hell out of Charles' life. Or, you can still stay with Charles, but you will never get to marry him! Mark my words. As long as I am alive, you won't get to set your dirty feet in the Dream Garden!" Melissa gave Vicky her warning before she strode away.

Vicky covered her cheek, which continued to burn with pain. Rage was boiling in her heart. Her anger and humiliation were so much that it overwhelmed her. Any second she could explode.

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