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   Chapter 2009 Barging Into The Office

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"Sher, are you really doing okay?" Isla asked worriedly. She knew that Sheryl was talking about herself just now and that she missed Charles terribly.

"Yes, I am. I guess Charles and I are better off as friends. Some things are just not meant to be. I should move on; instead of wallowing in sorrow, shouldn't I? Besides, I have two fantastic kids. And I have you and Phoebe. I know you all care about and love me. I should be grateful for what I have. Don't worry, Isla. I can take care of myself," Sheryl swore.

She was trying her best to get her friend to stop worrying about her.

"Well, I'm glad that you've moved on, Sher. Listen, I need to get some rest, but if you need anything, ask Phoebe to come get me," Isla instructed. Moments later, she left Sheryl's office.

The minute Isla was gone, Sheryl became lost in thought once more.

She wasn't always as tough as she seemed to be. Deep down, she knew she hadn't moved on from Charles. On the contrary, she was still deeply in love with him.

Nonetheless, her love for Charles wouldn't change anything. Life still went on. She couldn't give up everything she had at the moment for the sake of one man.

Sheryl took a deep breath before deciding that she should go back to work.

She had a meeting to attend a little later, and she needed to get everything ready for it. There was no time to be over-sentimental. A few minutes before the meeting, Phoebe knocked, peeped into Sheryl's office, and reminded her that it was almost time.

The meeting lasted for an hour. When Sheryl finally walked out of the conference room, she was exhausted. She stretched her arms and then slumped her shoulders again, thinking about how much she would hate to attend such a meeting ever again.

"Ms. Xia, I've put the file on your desk. Please don't forget to sign it." Phoebe obediently followed Sheryl into her office.

Sheryl massaged her neck before managing to acknowledge the assistant.

Phoebe grew concerned. "Ms. Xia, are you okay? You look exhausted."

"It is nothing. It's just that I sat for a prolonged time, and now my neck feels sore. I'm sure I'll feel better after getting some rest. Thanks for asking, Phoebe. You can go back to work now," Sheryl assured Phoebe. She did not want to add to her worries.

After Phoebe left, Sheryl decided to squeeze in a few minutes of workout before getting back to work. She promptly faced the back wall of her office a

his head and nodded. There was almost no trace of the anger he had shown earlier.

Sheryl talked with Jackson for a while longer before asking Phoebe to see him off.

When they left, Sheryl felt like she had been punched in the chest a thousand times. She couldn't help but get angry. What was even worse was that she had no one to whom she could open up to.

"Ms. Xia, are you okay?" Phoebe asked. She still remembered how angry Jackson had been when he had barged into Sheryl's office. As soon as he had left, she made sure to drop by Sheryl's office again to check on her.

"I'm okay. Can you help me set up an appointment with Melissa?"

"Sure, Ms. Xia."

Sheryl felt like her body was going to crash out of exhaustion. She rubbed her forehead while she waited for Phoebe's answer.

A few minutes later, Phoebe knocked on the door and walked into the office.

"Mrs. Lu said she'll meet you in the nearby coffee shop. She'll be there in half an hour. You can get there on time if you leave 20 minutes from now." Without being instructed, Phoebe then began setting everything up for Sheryl.

"Okay, I know," Sheryl answered weakly.

Phoebe couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Ms. Xia, are you really okay?" She asked again as she was walking toward the door.

Phoebe's hesitation amused Sheryl. She shook her head and told her, "Yes, I am. Stop worrying about me, Phoebe. If something goes wrong, I'll be sure to inform you."

"Well, as long as you're sure you're okay, Ms. Xia. I should go back to work now." Phoebe bowed and left the office.

Now that Sheryl was alone again, she felt empty.

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