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   Chapter 2007 The Follow Up

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"Yes, can I help you? Is there anything wrong?" One of the women nodded and examined Melissa from head to toe.

"Oh, well. It's my first time here. I am not exactly sure." Melissa indeed looked like this was her first time here.

The gathered women exchanged some doubtful glances with each other. Nevertheless, they didn't question Melissa any further and began chatting with her.

'Was that woman Jackson's fiancée?' Melissa asked herself. As they got to know each other through conversing, Melissa subtly began to dig for more information on Jackson.

"So, I know this guy, Jackson, not a bad man actually. I was wondering if you know him by any chance?" Melissa nonchalantly asked. The woman sitting opposite to Melissa suddenly became excited upon hearing Jackson's name.

"I know him! We used to work together on some partnership projects. Honestly, though, I think his new fiancée isn't right for him at all." As a woman herself, Melissa could understand how the other women really felt towards Jackson's fiancée. In truth, they were all jealous of her.

'That is, perhaps, the nature of all women, I suppose, ' Melissa thought.

"We think the same too! She has nothing to recommend her except her money. Other than that, she is not that special for Jackson. Why else would Jackson marry her except for her money?" One of the women blatantly derided Jackson's fiancée. Clearly, she was just envious of her.

"Alright! We get it. We are not as lucky as her. After all, she has a filthy rich dad," a woman said for the whole group.

"You're right."

From the gossip, Melissa realized that Jackson wasn't a morally righteous person, and neither was that woman.

"I don't want to disturb you any further. So, I'll go play golf now and let you guys be," Melissa said. With that excuse, she left the group of gossipy, envious women.

Right now, Belinda, Jackson's fiancée, was playing golf.

Melissa gradually ambled towards her, thinking that it was best to talk things over with her face to face.

"Excuse me, are you Jackson's fiancée?" Melissa asked the woman.

Belinda was undoubtedly startled by the stranger's direct question. "I'm sorry, but who are you? Do I know you? Because I don't think so."

"You don't have to know who I am. All you need to know is who you are. I am your senior. Thus, I have only one piece of advice for you." Melissa's tone was cold and harsh.

"What are you doing?" Realizin

osed his eyes. His brows knitted together.

"Every other day, she dials a number at the same time of the day. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to find out the identity of the person she's calling." It was the first time David felt so defeated. He had high expectations for himself, but now he couldn't even get the simplest things done right.

"Follow up with that. I thought she had forgotten everything? Who could she be calling?" Charles thought out loud.

"Okay, Mr. Lu." David didn't bother answering the questions Charles just had spoken. He knew they were rhetorical.

Silence then descended inside the car.

When they arrived at Dream Garden, Charles found Melissa sleeping in the living room. Frowning in displeasure, he turned to Nancy and asked, "Nancy, what's wrong with my mom?"

"Mr. Lu, you're back! There's nothing wrong with her. She just might be too tired. When she came back today, she seemed to be in a good mood, but once she lay down on the couch she fell asleep," Nancy diligently told Charles.

Upon hearing that Melissa was alright, Charles heaved a sigh of relief.

Of course, though, he wouldn't allow her to spend the night on the couch.

"Mom... mom." Charles patted Melissa's shoulder, slowly waking her up.

Melissa opened her eyes lazily. Seeing Charles, she sprang up and exclaimed, "Charles, you're back!"

"Yes, mom, I am. Let's have dinner together. You can sleep after dinner, okay?" Charles was very meticulous about Melissa's health. After all, she wasn't very healthy. He was afraid that she would get sick again if she continued to sleep on the couch that night.

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