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   Chapter 2006 Melissa Meeting Belinda

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Seeing Jackson pull a face at her, Melissa was about to call him out on it, but Jackson was faster than her.

"What are you doing here?" He stepped closer to her.

Melissa rolled her eyes and pretended not to have heard anything. She turned to Sheryl and fixed her gaze on Sheryl's eyes. "Sheryl, are you really going to move on from Charles? I can't believe it. Think about the kids!"

Sheryl was a little embarrassed at confronting her former mother-in-law. She managed a shaky smile and winked at the receptionist to help her out of the awkward situation.

Receiving her signal, the receptionist stepped between Sheryl and Melissa, creating a chance for Sheryl to step away.

Sheryl walked away immediately, dragging Jackson with her.

"Stop, Sheryl! I demand an explanation!" Melissa shouted after them, stomping her foot with rage in an attempt to follow. She couldn't go any further because the receptionist had blocked her way.

"Aunt Melissa, please excuse me. I need to go right now," Sheryl called back to try and save some face for Melissa before she hastened her steps to leave the building.

When they both managed to get inside the car, Sheryl heaved a deep sigh and said, "Sorry for what happened today and the previous day. I'm sorry that you had to get involved!"

she apologized sincerely. Although she hadn't planned to say anything about it, she had to after Melissa made such a scene. After all, Jackson was innocent, and he shouldn't have experienced any of this.

"You don't have to apologize, Ms. Xia. It's not your fault." Jackson shrugged. He didn't give a damn about Melissa and all her issues with the world.

"Thank you for being so understanding. I hope it didn't affect your mood," Sheryl added, her voice still apologetic. She turned to look out the window. Melissa was waving and shouting towards their car, and Sheryl was unable to understand what it was about.

On the other side, Melissa was struggling to get rid of the receptionist and catch up with Sheryl, but it was all in vain because the receptionist was dedicated to doing her job.

"Just leave me alone, young lady! I'm not going to go to the office! I'm leaving!" Melissa could barely speak while gasping for breath.

Seeing that Sheryl's car had already left, the receptionist stepped away from Melissa and walked back to her station with a smile.

Melissa ran outside as fast as she could, but Sheryl had already left. Frustrated, she stomped her foot repeatedly.

She wasn't sure of the relationship between Sheryl and Jackson, but Melissa was sure it wasn't as simple as it looked. She needed to make it clear; otherwise, she wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Melissa took a deep breath to calm down and then took out her phone. She scrolled for a bit and then called Henry to ask him about Jackson.

"Hello, Ms. Lu? What can I do for you?" Henry politely greeted her on the other side of t

ng back to my office. Let's meet there!"

"Fine, I'll wait for you inside your office." They talked for a few more seconds before hanging up.

On the other side of the city, Melissa directed the taxi to a golf course.

She needed to do something to put her heart to rest, or she would go crazy. She thought about it thoroughly on the way and was sure that Jackson would keep a distance from Sheryl if her plan worked.

She had learned that Jackson's fiancée was playing golf here, and that was why she came. Melissa talked to several field workers before she found the woman. She observed from a distance for a while. It seemed that the woman was good at playing the game, and she had very beautiful body proportions.

More importantly, she looked well matched with Jackson.

"Why did that Jackson follow Sheryl everywhere when he's got such a perfect fiancée? He's a playboy as I suspected. He needs to cherish what he already has and not someone else's wife!" Melissa mumbled as she moved closer to where Belinda, Jackson's fiancée, was standing.

Hiding behind a couple of other women, Melissa listened to them chatting with each other.

"That's right! Jackson and I are going to get married soon. I need all of you to be there to watch me walk down the aisle!" Belinda said, proud and self-satisfied, and swept her eyes over the crowd around her.

The other women nodded and applauded to show their congratulations, saying that they admired her.

Melissa watched them for a while and then followed after two of them who had excused themselves to take a break in the lounge.

"Nice to meet you, ladies! May I talk with you for a second? Do you often come here to play golf?" Melissa politely cut in their conversation with a big smile.

The two women looked at each other before nodding slightly. They could see that Melissa was well-off from her clothes and the handbag she was holding, and they soon let down their guard.

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