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   Chapter 2004 Pretending To Be Sick

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Even though the doctor knew about the incident and thought Vicky was the one to blame, he still felt helpless not knowing exactly what to do.

"Miss Ruan, it seems that everything looks fine. I can honestly say you have completely recovered."

"Shut up! You can't be serious. There's no way, doctor. I don't agree. And honestly, how could you say such a thing?" She was panicking. She absolutely didn't want to leave the hospital. Because if she did, she knew Charles would definitely leave her or even worse tell her to go away. Thus, she would try every means, and she meant every means, necessary, to stay at the hospital.

It was a stalemate. Vicky kept making a noisy fuss in the ward while the doctor just couldn't do anything to stop her. Ultimately, he asked the nurse to call Charles.

"What are you doing?! You! Yes, you! Are you trying to run away like a coward after making this mistake?" Vicky brazenly yelled at the nurse when she saw she was leaving.

"Miss Ruan, I'm sorry if you are dissatisfied with us. However, if you could please remain calm, I am going to ask Mr. Charles to come. Then we can all have a civil discussion together. And then I hope we can come up with a solution you are happy with." The doctor and nurse were understandably fed up with dealing with Vicky. They absolutely wanted her gone and out of their care. Thus, they took this opportunity to make a big scene in the hope of forcing her out of their hospital.

"Fine. Then I will wait for Charles to come and defend me." Vicky glared triumphantly at the doctor, pretending to be calm and civil.

The nurse called David's number he had left for the hospital. David saw the call, and, afraid Vicky was causing trouble again, answered it immediately.

"Hello? Yes, this is David. Is everything okay? Did anything happen?" David was worried. He knew they wouldn't have called him if nothing serious had happened.

"Hi David, I'm a nurse from the hospital. I want to ask you if Mr. Lu can come to the hospital now." Although the nurse tried to speak as professionally as possible, David could hear hints of helplessness and desperation in her voice.

"What's the matter?" David looked at Charles beside him. His eyebrows were knitted together from stress.

Charles didn't know who was at the other end of the call. All he could see was David looking very serious. Thus, he guessed something very severe had happened.

The nurse heaved a sigh. She told David briefly about everything that had happened.

"Okay, I understand. Mr. Lu may be able to come. I'll t

e turned to David and said, "Arrange for some men to keep an eye on Vicky. Replace the nurses with our people and do everything she asks."

"Mr. Lu, truthfully, I don't think that's a good idea,"

David replied. He thought it would only fuel Vicky's provocation. For him, she had already gone too far.

"Then, David, do you have a better solution?" Charles looked to David a little annoyed, asking him even though he already knew David's response.

David quickly shut his mouth and did as Charles asked.

It was late in the afternoon after everything had settled down when Charles went to the company to handle some work.

Melissa had stayed home for the entire morning. After lunch, she felt restless and couldn't stand being at home and doing nothing. Being angry with Jackson and Charles, she had to get rid of her anger.

So she snatched her bag and was on her way.

"Madam, where are you going?" asked Nancy. When Nancy saw Melissa leaving, she hastily followed behind.

"Okay, okay, I know. I'm not going to see Sheryl. I just want to play cards with my friends. That's all," Melissa told Nancy while looking at her impatiently.

Noticing Melissa's impatience, Nancy dared not to say anymore. She nodded her head in compliance, and feeling embarrassed, watched Melissa leave the Dream Garden.

However, Melissa was actually worried about what Sheryl thought of her.

Charles complained about her so much after he knew that she beat Jackson. Thus, she was afraid Sheryl would have a worse impression of her if she knew about it too.

Melissa became stressed about this idea. It haunted her. So, to end this torment, she was going to find Sheryl just to see how she would react.

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