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   Chapter 2001 Block Her

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"Even when you've left someone, it isn't easy to erase his memories from your life. Don't you agree?" Sheryl opened up to Isla, knowing it wouldn't do any good to hide the truth.

Also, she had come to realize it wasn't right to hide her emotions. After all, it was human nature to feel this way.

"Do you think you will ever be able to completely recover from this relationship?" Holding Sheryl's hand tighter, Isla eyed her with worry.

Sheryl was surprised by Isla's question. Shaking her head helplessly, she answered, "Isla, I have recovered already. If I hadn't, do you think it would be possible for me to smile? No. I am over it, but the memories might stay for a while."

"Right! I'm so glad that you told me everything. As a way of saying thank you, I'll be taking you to an interesting place tomorrow." Isla seemed to have a surprise for Sheryl.

Sheryl instantly became curious, but she knew Isla wouldn't tell her about the place since it would spoil the surprise. 'Where is she taking me to?' Sheryl couldn't help but wonder.

"There is no way I am going to tell you about it now. Don't bother racking your head. You won't be able to guess the place. Relax, since you'll find out tomorrow." Even before Sheryl voiced her doubt, Isla knew what Sheryl was thinking.

"Okay. Since you've said that, I have no choice but to wait patiently for tomorrow." Sheryl shrugged and wore a defeated expression.

Sheryl then asked Isla about her relationship with Aron. When she got to know that they were getting along well, Sheryl felt very happy.

"It's late now. Time to sleep," Sheryl said, and they stopped chatting, falling fast asleep.

Sheryl had a sound sleep that night. It was the most comfortable sleep she'd had since the divorce.

The next morning, Isla woke up quite early.

In the kitchen, she, along with Clark, was helping Joan prepare breakfast.

But to Joan, their presence was more of a burden than a help. If they hadn't helped her, she could have finished her work much earlier. The kitchen was in a total mess ever since they joined, and it took Joan a lot of time to get everything done.

Sheryl was sleeping calmly. However, she was suddenly disturbed by the noi

er, Charles might think she was using her kids because she wanted to be back in his life. And this was something she couldn't allow to happen.

Perhaps she was just over-thinking, but she had to be very meticulous in everything she was doing. She had to consider the worst-case scenario. In the past, she had believed in Charles with all her heart. Deep in her heart, she thought he would love her forever. But now everything had fallen apart. The foundation of their relationship had been shattered. He had the audacity to divorce her for another woman!

Thinking of her miserable life, Sheryl fell into a daze.

"Hello? Earth to Sheryl! Get into the car!" Isla had been waiting for Sheryl in the car, but it seemed that Sheryl wasn't moving.


Snapping back to reality, Sheryl quickly got into the car and drove back to the company.

Sheryl continued working on the files while Isla went out to monitor some of the work in progress. They had always been clear on their respective responsibilities–one for internal matters, and the other for external ones.

"Phoebe, remember to block Melissa from entering the company. I'll tell the receptionist as well. Watch out for her, okay? This is a serious issue," Isla reminded Phoebe in a serious tone before she left the company.

"Okay, Ms. Zhao. I get it." Though Phoebe wasn't sure why Isla had asked her to do this, she obeyed the order. After all, she was certain it must be for Sheryl's well-being.

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