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   Chapter 1997 Losing His Temper

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Melissa didn't remove her gaze from Jackson as she continued to look at him expectantly.

Jackson had experienced a lot despite of his youth, and he knew that there was something wrong with the amount of attention Melissa was giving him.

The smile on his lips didn't even twitch as he continued to grin at her but refused to speak. He watched Melissa browse the menu for a moment before glancing at Henry, who caught his gaze and gave him a wink, while the expression on his face didn't change at all.

The hidden message was easily understood by Henry, who coughed awkwardly before stepping closer. "Mrs. Lu, it's rather late now. Jackson still has something to do. Let's call it a day. We hope to see you again next time."

As soon as Henry finished speaking, Jackson stood up and prepared to leave.

A frown made its way on to Melissa's face. She had finally figured out such a good idea. How could she let him go?

"No. Stop." Melissa reached out and grabbed Jackson's sleeve.

Jackson tried to avoid her reach, but she chased after his arm and knocked over a glass of wine on the table, spilling it all over the table and his clothes.

The expression on Jackson's face quickly changed into a frown, and Jackson couldn't stop himself from shouting at Melissa with displeasure, "You're insane!"

Melissa's expression was panicked and apologetic even if she hadn't knocked the wine glass by accident. She desperately wanted to stop Jackson from leaving no matter what.

Jackson wasn't stupid and saw through Melissa immediately.

Henry made to move and help them out of the awkward situation, but Melissa was already flushed red from both anger and embarrassment because of Jackson's reaction.

She had never been humiliated like this. Everything that Jackson had done, from shaking off her hand and cursing at her, as well as sending Sheryl flowers, infuriated Melissa.


Melissa was so angry that she had no coherent thought in her head as she had raised her hand and slapped Jackson across his face.

Jackson was young and still very impulsive. He was furious that he had been slapped by an unfamiliar woman when he believed he hadn't done anything wrong. His hand rose as he planned to slap her back, but Henry grabbed his hand to stop him.

"Jackson..." Henry shook his head at Jackson, sayi


Since Isla said so, the receptionist didn't dare to move from her spot and watched Isla head up into the building.

Once the scary guest was out of her sight, the receptionist immediately called the Secretary Department.

The secretary who received the call prepared to stop Isla.

As soon as the secretary walked out of Charles' office, Isla rushed in.

Isla was so obviously furious, and Charles was at a loss for what to do. He stood up and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"What? You divorced Sher and now you don't even want to see me?" Isla huffed at Charles, and her every word was dripping with heavy sarcasm.

The expression on Isla's face annoyed Charles, but he found it laughable too. Sheryl would surely not suffer any injustice in this world as long as Isla was around.

"You didn't come here just to see my face. Just tell me if you need something." Charles hid the displeasure on his face and sat back down, looking at Isla confidently.

Isla disliked it the most when Charles was calm. It was like everything was under his control, and nothing could escape him.

"Charles, what did you say? Do you think you're so great because you're the president of Shining Company? Do you think Sheryl can be bullied easily?" Isla's voice and body trembled in anger, and she pounded on Charles' table.

When Charles opened his mouth, Isla raised a hand to stop him.

She didn't want him to say a word. Charles had no choice but to sit there and listen to Isla venting her anger. She made it clear that he had to endure it.

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