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   Chapter 1995 The Silly Woman

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Charles was seriously considering rejecting and leaving Vicky. However, reminded of her current emotional instability, he felt that if he turned her away now, she might resort to something crazy, like what almost happened to Cassie.

"Alright. I'll try." After he responded to Vicky, he turned around and apathetically strode away.

Vicky was aware that Charles only meant to pacify her. His response, sadly, was only an empty promise. 'What else can I do?' Vicky asked herself. 'Do I really have to beg him?' she wondered.

While she was racking her brain, wondering how to keep Charles by her side, she couldn't help becoming enraged–she deserved better than this.

"Charles, sooner or later, I'll get you. You can't escape from me!" she muttered viciously under her breath. She was seething with anger and humiliation. As she murmured this to herself, she even clenched her fists as if to put physical action to her new sworn oath. Charles would be entirely hers.

Nick, who was waiting at the main gate of the hospital, walked up to the newly arrived Charles.

"Charles, how did it go?" Nick asked. Nick was quite anxious. He was afraid that Vicky wouldn't listen to Charles.

"Don't worry, Nick. Everything is fine with Vicky. It's all good," Charles replied. After his reply, Charles grinned. For some reason or another, when Charles was around Nick, he always felt relaxed and positive. Maybe it was because of Nick's amiable, easy-going nature, or it could be because he was Sheryl's brother. Whatever the reason was, it didn't matter.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Lu! I'm so glad to hear that." Nick's eyes gleamed with appreciation.

"No worries, Nick! And, relax, you know you don't have to be so polite," Charles told him.

"Okay, then I'll be going now." Charles was about to leave when he heard Nick's voice.

"Mr. Lu," Nick reluctantly said. Having hesitated for a while, Nick finally decided to voice his doubt. Charles stopped. Gazing at Charles's back, he softly asked, "Are you still in love with Sheryl?"

"I can't answer that. Remember to take care of Cassie. And please do visit Sheryl as well for me." Having replied,

eryl asked confused. "Even if Charles still loves me, I won't re-marry him! Plus, why would he be sending Melissa here? Really, is there such a need?" Sheryl didn't buy Isla's story at all.

"You're such a silly woman!" Isla exclaimed, obviously irritated by Sheryl's naivety.

"All right, all right, Isla. Don't get angry. I need to continue with my work now." Sheryl found an excuse to make Isla leave her office.

While leaving, Isla contemplated on her friend's situation. Thinking deeply about Sheryl's obvious dilemma, she thought long and hard. Finally, Isla formulated a well-developed plan in her head.

'That man is really heartless! Why is he still after Sheryl? Does he really think that he can control Sheryl like this?' Isla thought to herself.

The more she thought of Charles, the more agitated and angry she became.

'I can't let Charles and Melissa use Sheryl like this. Since they are both messing with Sheryl, I'll take care of them both on Sheryl's behalf!' she triumphantly thought to herself.

With a well-developed plan in her head, Isla left to find Charles.

"Ms. Zhao, what's going on with you, if I may ask?" Phoebe noticed that Isla was standing in the pantry after she left Sheryl's office. She thought Isla was thinking deeply about something. However, when Isla came out, her face was full of rage. Worrying that Isla might have had a disagreement with Sheryl, she approached her to ask her.

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