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   Chapter 1992 Revenge

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Melissa didn't think too much. She was just trying to warm up to Sheryl.

She walked out of Sheryl's office and followed the secretary, who escorted her around the office.

The secretary cordially led Melissa around and carefully introduced the structure of Cloud Advertising Company, but Melissa didn't seem to be much interested in what she said. Her mind was preoccupied with some other thoughts. After a while, seeing that the secretary talked endlessly, Melissa interrupted her. "Do you know who has sent the flowers to Sheryl?"

Stopping abruptly, the secretary stared at Melissa. Then she shook her head in an instant.

"You know who, right? Just tell me. I want to know if there is somebody who is pursuing Sheryl. After all, even though she has divorced Charles, I am still concerned about her well-being. I hope that she will live happily..." Trying to prevent the secretary from reading too much in between the lines, Melissa quickly explained to her.

The look on the secretary's face was self-explanatory. Melissa could tell that she was hiding something. She must know something that could be of use for Melissa.

"Mrs. Lu, I can tell you. But please don't tell anybody else." Then the secretary lowered her voice and told Melissa in a hushed voice, "It is Jackson, the person in charge of Leon Company..."

"Leon Company?"

Melissa mumbled to herself for a moment, and then her face lit up all of a sudden as if she had hit upon with an idea. She turned to the secretary and said, "Okay, I have to go now. You go back to your job. Thanks for the information."

The secretary was left baffled to find Melissa running away in such a hurry.

After leaving Cloud Advertising Company, Melissa had a feeling of loss. She felt bad that Sheryl was being pursued by another man, yet she was glad to learn about Jackson. Although she hadn't worked for a long time, she knew very well about Leon Group. It appeared that Jackson was the new president, and her son had a powerful opponent now.

The moment, the secretary thought Melissa had left for good and planned to report about it to Sheryl, Melissa returned almost unexpectedly.

"Mrs. Lu, what makes you come back?" The secretary was puzzled to see Melissa rushing into the office all over again.

"Nothing much, my dear. I just wanted to say goodbye to Sher before leaving. You don't need to report to her." Melissa smiled at the secretary and then walked straight to Sheryl's office.

Sheryl heard the knock on the door and, without raising her head, she said, "Come in."

"Sher, it's getting late now. I have to go back home

took them some time to understand that it was a fake snake. Vicky was more furious than ever. She pointed her index finger at the nurse and howled, "What are you doing? Who the hell did it?"

"Miss Ruan, please, calm down..."

"Are you telling me to calm down? Do you think I can remain calm after this? No stranger is allowed to come into this hospital. If it wasn't somebody working in the hospital, how could this stuff have been planted on my bed? Who has done this? Find out." Vicky was uncontrolled, insistent, and not ready to see any kind of reason.

The nurse was at a loss for words at the face of Vicky's rage. She stared blankly at Vicky not knowing what to do.

"Why are you looking at me like a dumb person? Now the hospital owes me an explanation for this. Otherwise, I will complain about your poor service." Vicky glared at the nurse. Evidently, she was not ready to let it pass.

The nurse had no choice but to leave Vick's ward at once.

"Stop! I give you only an hour. If you can't find out who played this trick within one hour, then just wait for your doom." After saying this, Vicky closed her eyes and lay back on the bed, without giving the nurse a chance to refuse her instructions.

"I see." The nurse looked at Vicky with a frown.

After coming out of Vicky's room, the nurse headed straight to the Head Nurse's room.

The Head Nurse was all the more petrified to hear the entire thing.

"What happened? How did it happen?" He was also left baffled. Even he did not think that this incident could have been staged by any of the workers in the hospital.

Vicky was grumpy and had offended many people in the hospital ever since she came here. Other patients might have taken revenge on her.

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