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   Chapter 1991 How Should I Address You

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After Sheryl walked out, Melissa let out a huge sigh of relief. 'It's the right time, ' she thought. She was dying to find out who the man was.

It was the usual meeting where employees reported their progress. The meeting wound up at a fast pace, and Sheryl took her time to clean up everything. As soon as she was settled, she began to work on the task that was to be assigned for the next month.

Melissa quickly snuck out of Sheryl's office and began to inspect the meeting room. Sheryl was engrossed in the discussion, and Melissa grabbed the opportunity to do what she'd come for. She immediately walked into the office and looked at the flower intently–trying to find any clues. A minute had passed–she hadn't found anything yet.

The gorgeous flowers didn't catch Melissa's attention–it was the person who'd given it to Sheryl that bothered her. As she wondered who it could've been and right at that moment, she stumbled on a card.

Some words were scribbled on the card, but it didn't bear the name of the sender. As she studied the writing style, Melissa concluded that it was perhaps from a man.

Melissa felt that it was pointless, staring at the flowers, and she walked out. She was disappointed that she couldn't find any clues that would lead her to the man. Feeling defeated, she went back to see Sheryl.

Sheryl had wrapped up the meeting and was working alone.

"Are you done with the meeting?" Melissa was standing at the door, beaming at Sheryl.

Sheryl gave a quick nod and continued with her work as Melissa took a seat.

Melissa had thought that she should ask Sheryl directly about the man, but every time she gathered the courage to confront Sheryl, she would decide against it–and ultimately, she swallowed her words.

It was lunchtime, and Sheryl was still busy with her work, until Phoebe walked in, and reminded that it was lunch break already. "It's time to have lunch. Are you hungry? Want to have lunch together?" Sheryl asked Melissa.

"I'd love to. I hope it's alright." Melissa didn't want to bother Sheryl too much. She felt that her behavior and actions had a lot to do with Sheryl's relationship with her son. She didn't want to be the reason for Sheryl's detachment from Charles.

"Absolutely. What would you like to ha

me to the Cloud Advertising Company with you. I've nothing to do anyway." Melissa was afraid that Sheryl wouldn't want her to come.

Sheryl nodded. "Okay!"

They walked together, but both of them could sense the awkwardness. Melissa made a mental note not to talk about the flowers again. She remembered Sheryl's reluctance when they spoke about it.

"I'll wait outside. I don't want to bother you here," Melissa said.

Sheryl looked at Melissa for a brief moment and nodded her head. She didn't believe her. "Take care of Mrs. Lu and make her comfortable," Sheryl ordered her secretary.

"It's okay. I'll manage." Melissa swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat when Sheryl called her 'Mrs. Lu'. She knew that Sheryl had drawn a line between them and that she was miles away from crossing it.

"Alright." Sheryl walked inside.

The secretary walked out, and Melissa stood there, lonely, looking at Sheryl.

Sheryl was surprised to see that Melissa was still standing there. "Is something wrong?"

"Can you please stop calling me Mrs. Lu?" Melissa pleaded. Her eyes filled with pain.

Sheryl was taken aback by Melissa's words. She smiled and nodded in agreement.

Melissa's face relaxed, finally, and she walked out of the office with a smile.

The door was closed, and Sheryl was alone in her office. She stared at the door, thinking about what had just happened. She let out a huge sigh and thought to herself, 'How should I address you, Melissa? Should I call you, Aunt Melissa?'

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