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   Chapter 1989 Did I Get Her Wrong

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"I'm sorry, Charles. I didn't mean that. I swear, I didn't mean that. Please, forgive me, Charles," Vicky said, pleading innocent in front of Charles.

Charles nodded his head, indicating that he had forgiven her.

"Vicky, I will visit you every other day. Don't create any trouble here, alright? I'll ask David to check on you daily!" Having said this, Charles left the room.

The moment Charles turned his back, Vicky's face started growing clouded with dismay. With her eyes fixed at Charles's back, she was almost about to explode again.

As soon as David saw Charles coming out of Vicky's ward, he walked up to him and said, "Mr. Lu, how was she?"

"Pay her a visit every day."

"Yes, sir."

Though it was against David's wishes, he had to follow Charles' order.

After they cleared things up in the hospital, Charles left right away.

As Charles walked out of the hospital and approached his car, Vicky watched him from the window of her room. Charles took brisk steps ahead without turning back for even once. As he approached the car, Vicky felt heaviness in her heart. As Charles' car zoomed out of sight, she burst into tears.

Vicky clenched her fists and swore to herself, "Charles, I'll make you regret this!"

After they got into the car, Charles stared at David.

David felt a little uneasy to be under such an intent gaze.

"Mr. Lu, why are you looking at me like that? Did I do anything wrong?" David knew that there must be some valid reason behind such behavior from Charles.

"David, what's the progress of your investigation? If you can't get any useful information, I will lose my patience!" Charles sounded utterly dissatisfied.

David heaved a sigh before replying to Charles. He said, "Mr. Lu, it's rather strange. Vicky seems to have been already alert about the fact that you would do a background check on her. She has already hidden everything about her. No one knows where she's from, and not a single trace of her past could be found."

There was a firm frown set on David's face. Charles knew that David was not making excuses. After having him as an assistant for so many years, Charles did not doubt his sincerity and dedication. 'It must have been really hard for him, ' Charles thought in his mind. 'Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so upset.'

"Okay, I get it. Just continue with the investigation. Do your best." Charles closed his eyes, forcing himself not to think about Vicky anymore.

After reaching the office, Charles stared at his phone's screen, thinking of giving Sheryl a call. There were so many things in his mind that he wanted to tell her. Even though they were legally divorced, Charles still had the feeling that Sheryl was there with him. Something deep inside his heart told him that thi

her phone and saw Charles' name flashing on the screen.

Melissa knew that she had to make sure that Charles did not find out she was here with Sheryl; otherwise, he would be angry with her. At the same time, she didn't want Sheryl to know that Charles had called her while she was at the Cloud Advertising Company.

"Sheryl, I am bored sitting in one place. I'll take a walk around. See you later." Melissa smiled and excused herself by giving a convenient excuse as she stepped out of Sheryl's office to answer the call.

Actually Sheryl had heard the ringtone, but she pretended that she wasn't aware of it at all.

After Melissa went out, Sheryl put down the pen in her hand and fixed her gaze at the door. Charles' face appeared in her mind, and she felt a sharp sting in her heart.

'Is he getting along well with that woman? He must be having a pleasant time. Otherwise, he would have called me, ' Sheryl thought to herself.

"Charles, what happened? Why are you calling me at this time?" Melissa went to the company's staff kitchen to answer the phone call since that was the only place where no one could hear her.

"Mom, you were rather strange yesterday. Did anything happen?" Charles cut to the point straight away.

"What? No, nothing as such. There's nothing wrong. Why do you ask?" Melissa had already forgotten what she had told Charles the previous day. 'What did I tell him? Why is he giving me a call about that?' Melissa wondered.

"Really?" Charles could sense that Melissa meant what she said. 'Did I get her wrong?' he thought in his mind.

"Absolutely, Charles, there's nothing. Alright. I'm going shopping right now. Goodbye!" Right after she finished, she hung up the call.

After Melissa hung up, Charles stopped speculating on the matter.

'Well, it seems that I was over-thinking, ' he reflected.

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