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   Chapter 1986 Hit Upon A Plan.

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Melissa didn't expect Charles to speak up. Hence, she trembled out of surprise when she heard him speak.

As their eyes met, Melissa quickly stole her glance away from Charles. She was a little scared to look into his eyes, so she lowered her head.

"Mom, what happened?"

"Ah? No-nothing at all. Why?" Melissa blankly stared at Charles as she threw the question back to make him feel that he was being unnecessarily speculative.

Since Melissa seemed unwilling to tell him what happened, Charles decided to give up.

"Well, I shouldn't interrupt your work. But I just came here to say that it's getting late now. Don't stay up too late tonight. Go to bed earlier and take some rest, okay?" Melissa reminded Charles with motherly concern.

Charles smiled and nodded at Melissa as he marked the strictness in her eyes.

"I should leave now, good night." Melissa took a last look at Charles before she left his room.

After Melissa closed the door to Charles' study behind her, she felt repentant for not having spoken to Charles. It was such a wonderful chance, but she just closed the door on it. She could not gather enough courage to bring up the topic of Sheryl with Charles. How could she tell Charles that she was worried about his relationship with Sheryl?

This worry was killing her from the inside. The more she thought about it, the more upset Melissa became. The mere thought of Sheryl being chasing after by another man was enough to scare Melissa to death. She was worried that Sheryl might be impressed by that man and accept him. And then? What would happen to Charles? Needless to say, her son would be out of the game.

The more she tried to keep these thoughts out of her mind, the more they seemed to be overpowering her mind. It was said that when you were trying not to think about something, it could often make those intrusive thoughts more difficult to ignore. That was the case with Melissa.

As much as she wanted to clear her mind of such uncalled-for worries, she just couldn't help but get more and more worried that Charles and Sheryl would never get back together.

Melissa's insecurity regarding Charles and Sheryl's relationship kept her awake and tossing restlessly all night. She could not sit idle and watch her son's life fall apart in this way. She had to do something about it. But what could she do? She wracked her brain to come up with an idea to fix her son's relationship.

She spent the entire night tossing and turning on her bed until, at the break of the dawn, she finally hit upon an idea.

"Charles, this is the only thing your mom can do for you. Hopefully, this can give you a good start," Melissa said to herself.


r-in-law and the kids' grandmother for so long, she had barely ever cooked anything for them when they lived in Dream Garden.

"Thank you. That is indeed so nice of you. I really appreciate it." Sheryl was moved.

"Where are the kids?" Melissa looked around to search for her grandchildren. She knew that it was not time for them to leave for their school as yet.

"They're in the bathroom."

"Mom, who is it?" Clark asked as he walked out of the bathroom. Before Sheryl could answer him, Shirley exclaimed as she ran to welcome Melissa.


Clark and Shirley greeted Melissa politely.

Melissa was excited to see her grandchildren. She missed them so much.

"Clark and Shirley, good morning. Here is the congee Grandma cooked for you. Come and have a try to see whether you like it or not!" Melissa gestured for the kids to come to the dining room.

Clark lifted his head and looked at Sheryl to ask for her permission.

"Go and have a try. Grandma has put in a lot of effort to cook the congee for us," Sheryl said as she smiled at Clark. After all, Melissa was their grandmother. She couldn't deprive Melissa of her rights to care about her grandchildren.

Clark and Shirley ran to the dining room once they received a nod from Sheryl. The congee was their favorite. They smiled at Melissa and said, "Thank you, Grandma."

"You're most welcome!" Melissa watched them have breakfast while Sheryl went to the bathroom to wash her face.

Once Sheryl was ready for work, she smiled at Melissa and said, "I'm going to drive the kids to school. Will you…"

"Sher, can I come with you?" Melissa asked Sheryl hopefully.

Sheryl knew she couldn't decline Melissa.

"Well, of course, if you really want to, why not?" Sheryl answered, feeling a little embarrassed.

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