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   Chapter 1982 Melissa's Pleading

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Melissa knew that she had treated Sheryl badly in the past. And now, Sheryl had every right to ignore her. When she realized Sheryl still hadn't given her a reply, she felt a bit embarrassed. However, she merely lowered her head and took a sip of her coffee. Then raising her head, she asked, "How is your work going right now? Are you always busy?"

"Work is fine," Sheryl answered curtly.

"How about the kids? How are they?" Melissa continued to ask question after question.

Sheryl didn't bother to hide anything. In a very indifferent tone, she answered all the questions that were hurled at her. To an outsider, it would look like Sheryl and Melissa were two strangers, meeting for the first time. The whole thing pained Melissa. After a sigh, she finally said, "Sher, I know you and Charles have divorced. I am sorry if my question is personal, but do you have a boyfriend now?" Melissa's intention was to find out if Sheryl still had some feelings for Charles. However, she couldn't ask it directly since it would be inappropriate. Therefore, she began to beat around the bush, trying to figure out what was in Sheryl's heart.

"No," Sheryl stated, feeling Melissa's question was quite ridiculous.

"Sher, do you still love Charles?" Melissa finally decided to ask, knowing that she would never get the answer if she didn't get to the point.

"Love?" Sheryl didn't expect to hear such a straightforward question from Melissa. This definitely caught her off-guard.

Thinking for a while, Sheryl sighed and said, "I may have had strong feelings for him, but it has begun to fade now." A bitter smile appeared in the corner of her lips. She noticed Melissa's embarrassed expression, and she took satisfaction in it. Devoid of any emotion, Sheryl began to sip her coffee.

Hearing Sheryl's response, Melissa was sure that Sheryl wouldn't forgive Charles for what he had done. His involvement with Vicky was the final straw. Anxiously, Melissa explained, "Sher, the relationship between Vicky and Charles is not what you think. Charles has never had any relationship with her, nor was he ever interested in her! But she kept on harassing him..."

Even though Melissa was trying her best to explain, Sheryl paid no heed to her words. The more Melissa defended her son, the less convinced Sheryl became.

As his ex-wife, Sheryl knew Charles quite well. He was not a man who would be intimidated by anyone. Nobody could push him to do anything that he was not willing to do.

As she listened to this ridiculous story, Sheryl began to grin. Even though she didn't argue with

During the rest of their ride, none of them spoke. There was an awkwardness in the air, but Melissa didn't try to dispel it with any conversation.

Fortunately, they weren't far from Sheryl's apartment. Sheryl sped up, and they quickly arrived at their destination.

The kids were already home when they arrived.

When the kids heard the door being opened, they thought it was Sheryl. So they rushed out to welcome her.

As soon as the door opened, they came forward with ready embraces, without even checking who it was.

"Mom, how come you are back so early today?" Shirley asked sweetly.

However, when they looked up, they were surprised to find that it wasn't Sheryl but Melissa. They released their grasp immediately.

Even though they were only kids, they vividly remembered the brutal manner in which Melissa had treated them.

Melissa noticed the terror that was evident on the children's faces. She felt a bit embarrassed. Kids were innocent and pure, and they didn't know how to lie or pretend. Their dislike toward her was so obvious. Their sweet smiles twisted into fear when they recognized her.

Watching this spectacle, Sheryl began to feel uneasy. She squatted, caressing the kids' heads and said, "Sweeties, why don't you greet your grandmother?"

"Hello, Grandma," they mumbled unwillingly for Sheryl's sake.

Melissa couldn't blame them for their behavior toward her. After all, in the past, she didn't care enough about them. 'This is all happening because of me. I deserve the treatment I am getting, ' she thought to herself with a bitter smile. In spite of this, she made up her mind to do her best to change their impression of her. With a genuine smile, she approached the kids.

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