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   Chapter 1980 Sheryl Should Start Seeing Someone.

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Sheryl asked Phoebe to bring a cup of coffee to Isla, which made her feel elated. She closed her eyes as she took a sip, feeling the warmth, and the strong flavor of the coffee fill her mouth and pass down her throat.

At the same time, at the front office, the receptionist had barely taken her seat when she saw an elderly woman coming in, which made her rather surprised to have a visitor at such an early hour. Putting on a customary professional smile, she was about to greet the woman good morning but was momentarily dumbstruck when she recognized the woman.

She was no ordinary visitor, but was the mother of her boss' ex-husband.

The receptionist hesitated for a moment, wondering what could be the reason behind Melissa's visit, now that Sheryl and Charles had divorced. All of the employees at Cloud Advertising were aware of the differences between Melissa and Sheryl. They knew that Melissa had never been nice to Sheryl, which left the receptionist all the more surprised to find Melissa in their office at such early hours.

"Morning, Ms. Lu. What can I do for you? Have you come here to visit Ms. Xia? Please give me a moment," she said with professional courtesy, and without any delay, she reached out to the telephone to call Phoebe's extension number.

"Please stop!" Melissa, who wore a smile on her face, interrupted her at once. As the receptionist looked back at Melissa with a startled expression, she shook her head and continued, "Please don't inform her. I want to give Sheryl a surprise. I know where her office is. Don't bother. Thank you!"

Melissa talked like a sweet old lady. The receptionist, though indecisive for a moment, finally gave her a nod to go inside as she felt that Melissa did not have any bad intentions.

Then, Melissa walked to Sheryl's office. She stopped in front of the door and took a deep breath before lifting her hand to knock on the door. Just then, she heard Sheryl talking with Isla. Melissa hesitated and stopped.

Isla felt refreshed and energized after the cup of coffee. She stretched and turned to Sheryl. She was just about to say something, but she swallowed down the words as she spotted the bouquet of red roses on Sheryl's table. They were blossoming in profusion, and Isla could smell their delicate scent from a distance.

She smiled meaningfully and asked, "Where are these roses from? Who sent them here? Did he ask you out?"

"Isla, please! No one is asking me out! Just remove that stupid idea from your head!" Sheryl replied sourly, a little embarrassed at Isla's words.

"No, Sheryl. I can't believe you. I know what red roses stand for. Don't tell me they are from a friend! There must be a story. Tell me everything now!" Isla urged as she saw the embarrassment on Sheryl's face She was trying to pull Sheryl's leg.

Deep down, Isla sincerely wished that Sheryl would start seeing someone as soon as possible. Now that Sheryl was divorced from Charles, she should move on and enjoy her life. If someone nice showed up at this time, Isla hoped that Sheryl would seize the chance and go out with him without too much consideration.

No one in the office was aware of Melissa's presence inside the office apart from the receptionist. Phoebe was busy with getting things ready for the meeting, and all other employees were busy with their share of work. As a result, none of them had noticed that Melissa was waiting right outside Sheryl's office. Moreover, she found a convenient corn

re thought of it made Charles shudder all over. He couldn't let her go. He could not imagine a life without Sheryl.

At the same time, as he thought about it, Sheryl had indeed been through a lot. Their married life had been full of struggles from the first day. One unexpected and uncalled-for incident after the other had shown up. And she was the one who had to sacrifice every time. Any other woman would have given up much earlier.

Even if she loved him deeply, that did not mean that she would give up all her principles over and over again. It was only too normal for Sheryl to get exhausted with this game of love and want to break free.

Charles felt a strong sense of oppression in his chest as if an invisible hand was reaching down to his heart from his throat and squeezing it tightly. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut as he put his hands over his chest to ease the pain.

At the same time, inside Sheryl's office, Isla was not ready to give up so easily and kept teasing Sheryl. She tried to convince Sheryl that it would be fine if Jackson asked her out. Sheryl should give him a chance. Maybe it would be a good start for a romantic relationship.

"Isla, since you got so much free time, I think I shall let you give the presentation today. What do you think about that?" Sheryl played her unexpected trump card and fixed her gaze on Isla's eyes.

"Nope! Thank you for your kind consideration! I'm just joking! Please leave me alone!" Isla gave up immediately. She looked back into Sheryl's eyes beseechingly.

Giving a presentation was Isla's biggest soft spot, and she would rather die than do it.

Sheryl let out a satisfactory laugh at seeing Isla's reaction. Isla realized that Sheryl was just making fun of her to change the topic.

"Good job! It seems that our Sheryl is riding on the crest of success now. Hum, the able ones always have calls upon their time. It's your job to do it!" Isla pretended to be irritated and turned her head from Sheryl.

"That's enough of you! Right, I'm the able one, and I will have calls upon my time!" Sheryl stood up and walked to Isla. Putting her hands around Isla's shoulders, she made Isla sit down. In just a few seconds, a smile came back to Isla's face, and the two good friends burst into laughter while looking into each other's eyes.

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