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   Chapter 1979 By Accident

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"No need. Miss Ruan, go to sleep. I will take care of Mr. Lu." Then David opened the curtain between the beds.

Vicky pretended to sleep.

However, she didn't sleep until the latter half of the night. This was when she concluded that she wasn't going to get a chance tonight.

The following day

Melissa woke up at dawn.

"Did Charles come back last night?" Melissa could remember that it was already getting late when she'd started to fall asleep, and Charles still hadn't gotten home yet. The first thing she did when she woke up was to look for him, and since he was nowhere to be found, he probably still hadn't gotten home yet.

Nancy shook her head.

Melissa shook her head again in response upon realizing that Vicky must have had something to do with it.

This realization left Melissa angry, and she then quickly called Charles.

The phone just kept ringing. Just as Melissa was about to hang up, the call was picked up.

"Hello, Charles, where are you? Why didn't you come back last night?" Melissa's tone was unhappy.

"Aunt Melissa, Charles stayed with me last night. That's why he wasn't able to go home. Please, don't get mad at him," Vicky answered sweetly.

Melissa immediately felt disgusted when she heard Vicky's voice. She clenched her hands into fists and asked angrily, "Where's my son?"

"Charles is still asleep. I don't think we should wake him up yet. It's still so early, Aunt Melissa," Vicky said, seeming to imply that Melissa didn't care about her son.

Before Melissa could say anything else, Vicky hung up the phone.

"Damn it, Vicky. I don't know what kind of magic you're playing on my son." Melissa quivered in anger.

"My Lady, don't be mad. It's not good for your health." Nancy didn't know what else to say to the furious Melissa.

"I'm not mad..." Melissa mumbled to herself. She then gathered herself and told Nancy to make breakfast already.

As Vicky hung up the

fee in her hand.

"Come in. Who are the flowers from?"

"Ms. Xia, they were sent to you, but I don't know who they came from." Phoebe beamed.

"I see. All right, go back to work."

Sheryl didn't press further. She smiled knowingly upon checking the card. 'It's him, ' she thought to herself.

The card was from Jackson, wishing Sheryl happiness every day.

Phoebe had no idea who Jackson was.

Cloud Advertising Company had just forged a new partnership, and Jackson was the partner's representative. Likewise, he was also in charge of the project.

Sheryl had only met Jackson twice, and he didn't really stand out to her or anything.

She took a sip of her coffee and stared at the roses blankly. She remembered that the last time she received roses, they were from Charles. It was so long ago that she couldn't even remember why Charles had given her roses in the first place.

When Isla arrived at work, she looked like a zombie. If it hadn't been for an important meeting that she had today, she wouldn't have come to work.

Isla casually pushed Sheryl's door open and walked to the office table with her eyes closed. She sat across Sheryl, her eyes still closed.

"Sher, I'm so sleepy. When will the meeting start?" Isla's voice was lifeless—just like her face.

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