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   Chapter 1977 No Point Talking

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When Charles fell into silence, Melissa heaved a sigh and said, "Charles, when are you planning to bring the kids back home?"

The moment she put forth this question, Charles's face turned somber. It wasn't like he could bring them home as he pleased.

Seeing how Charles didn't know what to say, Melissa began to feel even more sorrowful. She understood from Charles' silence that he didn't have any rights over his own kids.

Realizing that nothing good would come out of this conversation, she decided not to press him for an answer.

When they arrived at the Dream Garden, Charles wanted to say something. However, Melissa didn't give him a chance. She immediately headed to her own room.

Charles's eyes, which were fixated on his mother's back, gradually turned doleful.

"Mr. Lu, is there something wrong?" David sensed something strange in Charles' behavior.

"Nothing. Let's go back to the company now." Charles got into the car with a blank look on his face.

Standing on the balcony, Melissa watched the car leave. "It's all my fault!" she admonished herself. "If it weren't for me, you and Sheryl would be living a happy life!" she continued.

Now her thoughts turned to Vicky, which only intensified her guilt.

Before leaving, Charles had advised Nancy to take care of Melissa.

He knew that Melissa must be feeling terrible, but had no idea as to how he could console her. In such a dire situation, Nancy was his only hope.

"Knock! Knock!"

"Please come in!"

Melissa wiped the tears from her face and asked the person to come in.

Nancy had brought Melissa her favorite desserts. From the smeared make-up on Melissa's face, Nancy figured Melissa had been crying prior to her arrival.

"Ma'am, Mr. Lu has asked me to prepare these for you. Take a few bites, and you will forget all about your worries." Nancy suddenly felt uncomfortable upon seeing Melissa's saddened look.

Even though they didn't get along well, Nancy's heart pained at seeing her cry. Moreover, Melissa had changed a lot lately. After all, she had learned her lessons and softened her attitude towards Sheryl.

Nancy put down the plate and sa

ssie up.

From afar, Nick noticed that Cassie didn't seem to be quite herself. Worried, he got out of his car and briskly walked to her. Stopping to look at her, he asked, "What's wrong?"

Cassie had been looking at the ground as she walked. Nick's sudden appearance left her a bit startled.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

"What? You don't remember? I thought I told you over the phone that I will be picking you up. Is something wrong?" Nick could have sworn that something awful had happened to Cassie at work.

Cassie shook her head as she didn't want to talk about this matter concerning Charles. Moreover, Sheryl was doing a lot better now. It was best to leave the matter.

"Cassie, you shouldn't be lying to me. You know you can trust me with anything." Nick wore a steadfast look, and he seemed hell-bent on getting Cassie to confide in him.

Cassie remained silent, whereas Nick continued to look at her with his intense gaze.

With a sigh, she finally gave up. She knew how determined Nick could be, so she had no choice but to blurt it all out.

"Are you saying that the woman Isla is after is in the hospital right now?" What Cassie had said caught him by surprise.

Cassie nodded her head, indifferently. She had anticipated this would be Nick's reaction. "Yes, she is exactly the person Isla is after. However, you have to promise me that you won't utter a word about it in front of Isla!" she pleaded.

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