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   Chapter 1975 Vicky's Defense

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In the Dream Garden

Charles spent the day inside the study, hoping the silence would give him more time to think. He browsed through an album of Sheryl's photos, staring at each and every one of them until he finally felt better. It had been a few hours when he remembered that he should speak with his mother, knowing she was probably worried about him. Leaving his study, he went downstairs to talk to Melissa, but she was nowhere to be found.

Calling his mother's name a few times, he got no answer. He was starting to get worried. He went inside the kitchen and found Nancy closing the fridge. "Nancy, did you see my mother?" Charles asked Nancy in confusion.

Nancy gave him a quick glance instead of answering him. She lowered her head as she walked towards the table to continue cutting some vegetables, not daring to look into Charles' eyes.

Nancy's reaction worried Charles even more. Furrowing his brows, Charles asked in a low voice, "Nancy, where is my mother?"

Nancy stopped what she was doing and tried to look at Charles, but still avoided his eyes. "Mr. Lu, I'm not sure. All I know is that she has gone to the hospital."

"The hospital?" Charles repeated, shocked. He felt his heart tightened the moment he heard Nancy's answer. 'I knew it! She wouldn't listen to me and stay at home!' Charles thought to himself.

Without thinking twice, Charles grabbed his car keys and headed to the hospital directly. He was afraid that Melissa and Vicky would get into a fight, so there was no time to waste.

Meanwhile, in the hospital

Sitting on her bed, Vicky was shouting out loud like a psycho while crying really hard. 'Look at her, ' she thought. 'This lady thought she can just get rid of me that easily.' Vicky couldn't help but laugh inside, while frantically shouting her heart out.

On the other hand, Melissa stood a few feet away from her, not knowing what else she could do. She had never seen anyone who was more stubborn and shameless than Vicky. She was not buying her crocodile tears. And she was getting annoyed with her acting.

"Stop it, Vicky! Your pathetic act will not work on me. I'm not afraid of you," Melissa snapped at Vicky, pointing her fingers at her nose.

Vicky didn't try to fight back against Melissa; instead, she cried harder.

Her crying was so loud that it caught everyone's attention, even when the door to her ward was closed. Soon enough, a doctor and some nurses came in to see what had happened. As they entered the room, they saw Melissa scolding Vicky, while the latter seemed to be heartbroken. Not knowing what had happened earlier, the doctor stepped in Melissa's way. She furrowed her brows, and started giving Melissa a warning, "What are you doing, ma'am? Our patients need some peace and quiet. Please, lower your voice."

"I can do whatever I want. Go away!" Melissa snapped back as she shook off the doctor's hand, wanting to walk past her to get closer to Vicky. She could feel her face burning red, and she was too angry to listen to anyone.

However, the medical staff stopped Melissa, blocking her

erself. However, every time she tried to say something, another person would interrupt her.

"All right, guys. This is our family issue, and it is none of your business. Everyone, please leave the room now," Charles looked around and said coldly. He couldn't take how everyone had been treating his mother now.

These people came here to watch a drama. Now that it was over, they started leaving the room. Some were still giving Melissa hateful glances before they left. Soon enough, only the three of them and the doctor were left in the ward.

"Sir, the patient hasn't fully recovered yet. I hope you can take your mother out of the hospital as soon as possible, so our patient can get some rest," the doctor reminded Charles before she left the room. He nodded to acknowledge but never said a word.

Now that everyone was gone, Melissa found her chance to explain her side. She opened her mouth and tried to speak with Charles.

However, she got interrupted again.

It was Vicky this time. Holding onto Charles' arms, she said between sobs, "Charles, Aunt Melissa demanded that I leave you. I refused to, so she offered me money. But I rejected her again. That was when she got angry and started to scold me. I'm sorry, Charles. I barely defended my position. But I really don't want to leave you."

Vicky seemed to have everything well-planned. Before Charles could say even a thing, she turned to look at Melissa and said sincerely, "Aunt Melissa, I am sorry, but my love for your son is far deeper than what you think. No matter how much money you offer to give me, I won't leave Charles. Can we please have your blessings for our relationship?"

"You…" Melissa was too pissed to complete her sentence. She shivered, pointing her fingers at Vicky. How she wished she could slap this woman in the face. She felt her patience was being put to the test.

Melissa knew that Vicky wasn't sick. She was just faking it to get Charles to stay with her. If anything, Vicky was a psycho, who had been using her talent in playing these dirty games.

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