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   Chapter 1973 Have A Talk With Her

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"Mr. Lu, what should we do?" David nervously asked. He was at a loss, and he didn't know what to do with everything that was happening.

Charles told David to calm down. As soon as they were out of the hospital, he said, seemingly lost in thought, "Vicky's keeping something from me. Keep looking into her and send someone to watch her while she's in the hospital."

"Mr. Lu, why do you think so?" To David, nothing was wrong with Vicky.

"She's trying so hard to prove that she's really lost her memories. Don't you think that's too much?" Afterward, Charles remained silent.

David nodded in agreement, smiling knowingly. "I see, Mr. Lu. But what are we going to do about Ms. Xia?"

"Don't worry. I'll handle Sher." As soon as Charles heard Sheryl's name, he felt upset.

He just hoped that she would forgive him.

Now that they were done with Vicky for the day, David asked where Charles was going.

"I'm going to Cloud Advertising Company. I want to see Sher." Charles truly missed Sheryl.

David didn't answer but merely gestured for the driver to start the car.

In Cloud Advertising Company

Isla was going to check construction sites today. Sheryl hadn't been to one in a while, so she thought she should go along with Isla today.

Isla didn't agree at first, but since Sheryl insisted, she had no choice but to give in.

"Sher, I'm telling you. Construction sites aren't what you imagine them to be. Are you sure you want to go with me?" Isla asked once more to confirm.

Sheryl shrugged and smiled as if she didn't care. "Do you really think I'm only fit for office jobs? If you ask me one more time, I'm going on a strike. Don't try me!" she said playfully.

"Fine. Alright. It's my fault. I looked down on you. Okay?" Isla chuckled, admitting her fault. She then pulled Sheryl's arm as they headed to the car.

Charles didn't know what Sheryl and Isla were going to do. It was so early. So he told the driver to follow them.

After about an hour, Charle

ancy nodded and looked at Melissa seriously. "My Lady, don't worry. I'll keep an eye on Sher. You're just recovering, and you need to take care of yourself. If you don't, Mr. Lu might get worried about you."

"I know. Don't worry. I'll take care of myself, so I won't be a burden to Charles." Melissa sighed as she spoke. She then took the sugar water from Nancy.

Meanwhile, Charles was in his study and was only looking at pictures of Sheryl, instead of working. He couldn't help but be reminded of the past as he looked through these photos.

When Melissa had drunk her sugar water, she decided to offer Charles some. However, when she arrived at the door of his study, she saw him staring blankly at photos. She decided to leave him alone.

Melissa pondered for a while. She believed this couldn't go on like this anymore. Vicky was acting the way she was because of Charles, but what was going to happen after? Was he going to have to marry her just because he had accidentally hit her? Charles may be responsible for Vicky, but there was a limit to that.

So Melissa decided to visit Vicky in the hospital. She needed to talk to that woman into leaving Charles alone.

"Nancy, I'm going out. Please, watch Charles. Call me if something comes up." Melissa then left Dream Garden as soon as she finished speaking.

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