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   Chapter 1971 I Need To Know Her Past

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"Sheryl, you should try it. Let's go there together!" Nick echoed as he stole a glance at Isla. He usually wasn't one to talk, but he read what was on Isla's mind.

"Fine, fine! I can see that you've already planned all of this. Stop it. You're all acting weird, and I'm not used to it. Especially you, Nick. Okay, I'm going with you!" Sheryl nodded as she heaved a helpless sigh.

Gone was Isla's stern look as it was replaced with a smile upon hearing that Sheryl had agreed to come with them.

When they all got into the car and had decided on a route to take, they all took turns in cheering Sheryl up. Isla told Sheryl about the fun that she'd been having lately. Nick tried to tell Sheryl a couple of jokes that weren't really funny, to Sheryl at least. Everyone was pretty obvious that Sheryl tried her best to look happy. Sheryl thought inwardly, 'Everyone's trying their best to cheer me up. I think they worry too much, but I probably shouldn't be thinking about Charles anymore. The effort they're all going through just to make me happy. I shouldn't be wasting my time on that man anymore.'

Sheryl pretended she couldn't see right through their plan by responding to them in a cheerful way.

They were going to an exclusive spring called Spa Town. The drive was about an hour and a half. As soon as the car pulled over, they all got out and stretched their arms and legs from the long drive. Sheryl didn't know this place—as far as she remembered, she'd never been here before. Still, the spa looked nice as Sheryl thought it had quite a unique architectural style. She sighed to herself, 'I'm guessing this was Isla's idea. She knows me so well. This place is so beautiful.'

"Cassie, did you really find this place on your own? How did you find it? It's so...nice," Sheryl said tentatively.

"No, it wasn't me. I didn't find it," Cassie said with a smile. Upon hearing this, Sheryl turned to Isla.

"It was Nick's idea. He had recommended this place to me, and I thought it was a good idea,"

Cassie said and she seemed to be in good spirits. Sheryl was a bit surprised. She didn't expect that of Nick. She thought it was Isla.

"Well, Nick, I didn't expect that of you. You have really good taste!" Isla bantered. She was just as surprised as Sheryl was.

Nick grew bashful under the three ladies' scrutiny. Then they all burst into a jolly laughter.

After a while, they decided to finally head inside.

Sheryl loved the decorations. The atmosphere was relaxing inside, and Sheryl was glad that she came. It seemed as if all her problems flew away the minute she walked inside.

They quickly entered the chang

David's voice. She hadn't expected David to answer the call. Still, she patiently asked, "David, where's Charles? Can you get him on the line?"

"He's in the middle of a meeting. Ms. Vicky, if you have any concerns, you can talk to me." David quickly found an excuse.

Then there was silence on the other side of the line. David could feel goose bumps forming on his skin. After a pause, Vicky smiled and then said, "Thanks, David, but I want to talk to him personally. Tell Charles to go to the hospital after his meeting. I'm looking forward to seeing him. I miss him."

Then Vicky hung up the phone without giving David a chance to respond.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lu," David said helplessly as he turned his head. David knew he had to tell Charles. He didn't know what to do as he was stuck in the middle. Charles had to go to the hospital since he didn't do a good enough job talking to Vicky on the phone.

"Yeah, I heard it. That's fine. You can't win with her. She's a scheming woman. What's important is that I've asked you to look into her. Did you get anything? I need to know about her past." Charles didn't trust Vicky. Vicky's affection toward him had come out of nowhere. Charles needed to know the reason behind it, and, to do that, he needed to know about her past.

"I'm sorry. I've already asked my men to look into her, and we haven't gotten anything yet," David said apologetically, lowering his head.

"Keep looking. I bet she's after something," Charles said solemnly. He was convinced that Vicky's intentions weren't pure. It was what his instincts were telling him, and he trusted that more so than some random woman like Vicky.

Charles was a rational man. He didn't just trust anyone that easily.

"Yes, Boss!" David replied.

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