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   Chapter 1970 In A Difficult Situation

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"Okay, then. I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself." Isla then left Sheryl's house.

After Isla left, Sheryl's house grew quiet. She turned around to look at her kids. Clark was quiet while Shirley was still pouting to show she wasn't pleased.

"Shirley, are you okay?" Sheryl asked as she walked to Shirley, puzzled.

"Nothing. I just want to go out." Shirley blinked her eyes. She looked upset.

Sheryl couldn't help but be amused by her daughter. She then took Shirley's hand and looked at Clark, who was sitting next to her. "Clark, would you like to go to the park to play with Shirley?"

"Mom, I think I'm going to skip this one. I just got home. I'm a bit tired, and I think I want to take a nap." Clark looked at his mother with determination in his eyes.

Sheryl agreed because Clark did look tired. She pulled Shirley's hand and smiled. "Shirley, come on. Let's go!"

"Okay. Let's buy Clark some of his favorite snacks when we get back." Shirley smiled at her mother. She promised this to Clark as if she was afraid that he would miss out on the fun.

Clark nodded at Shirley. He was deep in thought when they left.

Clark was quite thoughtful and considerate for his age. He was still thinking of ways to get his parents back together.

It was obvious to Clark that Sheryl was just pretending to be fine when, in reality, she wasn't.

He'd already made up his mind the moment he found out.

When Sheryl took Shirley out, Shirley immediately noticed that Sheryl's mind was elsewhere.

"Mom! Why is your face like that? Do you not like spending time with me?" Shirley said miserably.

"Shirley, no. I love you. I love spending time with you. I'm sorry I was a bit distracted. I promise I won't do it anymore, okay?" Sheryl felt bad because she knew it was her fault.

"Okay." Shirley was easy to please. Af

their love. We shouldn't deprive them of that! Right?" Isla only said this because she didn't want them to leave.

Sheryl smiled helplessly. She couldn't ask them to leave now.

"Well, just make yourselves comfortable here." Sheryl then sat back on her chair and looked at the papers on her desk.

"Sheryl, I talked to Phoebe, and she told me you were available today. Why don't we all go out for some fun? Isla, I heard that a new spring has just opened in the western city. They say it's good..."

Cassie shook Nick's hand free from hers and approached Sheryl so she could pull her arms pleadingly.

Before Sheryl could even respond, Isla spoke up, saying, "Good. It's a plan. Let's go. It's been a while since I've been to a spring!"

Sheryl was already being dragged out of the office by Isla and Cassie. Before she knew it, they were already downstairs.

"What's happening?" Sheryl feigned annoyance as she looked at them.

"Well, Sheryl, can you blame us? We're doing this for your good. Don't you think it's time for you to go out and have some fun?" Isla looked Sheryl in the eye to let her know she was serious.

Sheryl didn't know what to say, so she just went along with whatever they had planned.

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