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   Chapter 1967 He Isn't Here

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"Clark, you can't threaten me like that. If I take you there, your mother will get mad at me. She told me that she didn't want anyone involved. So even if I wanted to, I couldn't do that. I'm sorry!" Isla didn't know what to do. It was so disheartening to reject Clark like that. However, she knew Sheryl would get mad at her if she gave in and did as Clark had asked.

"Aunt Isla, I promise, I just want to see Dad. I won't cause any trouble! I promise!" Clark lifted his head and looked into Isla's eyes, pleading. He looked upset, and tears were welling up in the corners of his eyes.

Isla felt sorry for Clark. She got on her knees and wiped the tears from his eyes. She asked softly, "You really miss you father that much?"


Clark nodded firmly. Isla felt as if she had no choice. She believed Clark, and she knew he wouldn't lie to her.

This was actually the best time to do this since both Sheryl and Shirley were already sleeping. Sheryl wouldn't find out as long as Isla brought Clark back in time.

As they drove on their way there, Clark asked Isla, "Aunt Isla, what exactly happened between my parents? Can you tell me? They didn't just fight, right?"

Clark could tell something was wrong. Sheryl had fought with Charles in the past. But this was the first time that Clark had seen his mother this upset.

"Nothing, really."

"Auntie Isla, why can't you just tell me? Is it because I'm just a child? I have the right to know what happened. They're my parents. Please, tell me what's going on, Auntie Isla. Please!" Clark said firmly as he looked Isla in the eye.

Isla knew Clark wouldn't stop until he had gotten the answer. He was clever and sensible like that. He really was quite mature for his age.

Isla was disappointed with Charles. He kept letting Sheryl down again and again. She figured it wouldn't hurt if she told Clark the truth. This way, he knew what kind of person his father was, and he could protect Sheryl from Charles.

However, Clark would only get worried. Children shouldn't be worrying about relationships between adults.

"Auntie Isla, why are you hesitating?" Clark was acting beyond his age

receptionist grew more anxious. She was new here. She had already blocked Sheryl the last time she visited here, and she didn't want to make the same mistake.

The receptionist called David immediately after she let Isla and Clark in.

David was in Charles' office, watching Charles anxiously as he waited for further instruction.

"Isla and Clark are here?" Charles said nervously.

"Yes, I think so," David said awkwardly. He didn't know why Isla would bring Clark here.

"Tell them that I'm not here," Charles said to David. All he wanted to do now was escape. He didn't want anyone, especially his son, to see how frustrated he was right now.

"Yes, President Lu!" David then walked out of the office, not wasting any more time.

It was the perfect timing. Just as David was about to step in the elevator, he bumped into Isla and Clark, who was just stepping out.

"David, where's Charles?" To Isla, Charles was just the ex-husband of her best friend and not the powerful president of a powerful company, so she referred to him by his first name.

"President Zhao, I'm surprised to see you here. And Clark, you too. I'm sorry, but President Lu isn't here," David said as he stepped in their way.

"I'm afraid that we have to leave, Clark," Isla said. She took his hand, ready to leave.

"Uncle David, can you ask my father to call me when he gets back?" Clark asked David. He was pretty adamant even for a kid.

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