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   Chapter 1963 I Don't Know You

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"Ms. Xia, what's wrong?" Phoebe asked since Sheryl, who had locked herself up in the office, suddenly came out.

"It's late now. I think I should be heading back home," Sheryl casually said to Phoebe and then walked out of the company.

Hearing that Sheryl mentioned going back home, Phoebe thought her boss must be feeling okay now. With a sigh, she eliminated some worry from her mind. Lately, Sheryl worked way too hard and left late, so this seemed like an improvement.

After getting back home, Sheryl glanced into the mirror. She realized she looked awful. After all, she had spent the whole day thinking about Charles and that woman. Now she was left with a throbbing headache. Having no energy to change her clothes, she went to bed in her work attire.

When her kids came back from kindergarten, they knew that Sheryl was already home.

They missed Sheryl ardently because they hadn't seen her for a whole day. Not wanting to waste any time, they went upstairs to see her.

"Tap-tap..." Clark knocked on the door politely.

Sheryl didn't come to open the door. After a while, Shirley turned to Clark and questioned, "Clark, did Mommy really come back home?"

"Yes. I confirmed with Joan." Clark was also puzzled.

But both of them were sensible. Since Sheryl didn't open the door, they didn't try to open it. They thought it was best to wait outside.

Patiently, they stood there for what felt like ages. Knowing there was no point in waiting any longer, they went downstairs. Then they tried to ask Joan if there was anything wrong with their mother.

"Joan, if Mommy is home, why isn't she coming out to play with us?" Shirley looked at Joan doubtfully.

In truth, Joan was also surprised. Normally, if Sheryl came back early from work, she would eagerly wait for her kids. She loved spending time with them. 'What went wrong today?' she wondered.

However, Joan shook her head helplessly, not knowing what to say.

"Is Mommy tired?" Shirley looked up at Joan and asked seriously.

"Hmm, she could be. In that case, be a good girl and don't disturb Mommy. Go and play in the living room. I will cook something delicious for you, okay?" Joan just wanted to comfort the children.


Joan played with them for a while to lift their spirits. In spi

s Mrs. Lu?" Isla approached Melissa quickly and spoke using an unfriendly tone. She scrutinized the old lady by looking her up and down with an intense gaze.

"Isla Zhao?" It took Melissa a few seconds, but she finally recognized Isla. Her whole face went red with shock.

They hadn't met each other for a long time. She didn't know what has happened today. But from Isla's expression, Melissa deduced something was truly wrong.

"Don't call by my name. I don't know you!" Isla retorted in an instant.

Melissa was in a position where she didn't know what to say. But she guessed Isla's anger had something to do with Sheryl.

In fact, even Melissa herself felt sorry for Sheryl, so she was embarrassed to see Isla now.

Since Melissa didn't utter a word, Isla decided she now had a platform to vent.

"Fine. You don't know what to say, right? Then let me put forward a question for you. This isn't about you; it's about your son. What's wrong with him?! And who the hell is that woman?" Isla was not easily swayed. Even if she knew that Melissa was not a good person, she didn't let her go. She took this opportunity to ask the question that she had been dying to ask.

"I have no idea. I think only Charles will be able to answer your question," Melissa replied in an indifferent voice. After speaking, Melissa prepared to leave. She wasn't up for any drama.

However, Isla had different plans. She wouldn't allow Melissa to shrug off this question. She quickly stood in front of Melissa, blocking her way.

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