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   Chapter 1962 Visit Sheryl

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"Why are you doing this? I really don't feel like eating!" Sheryl's eyes seemed to be swollen. Clearly, she had been secretly suffering during the past two hours. And now, Phoebe caught a glimpse of it. Phoebe understood why she had been crying her eyes out.

Even though Phoebe knew Sheryl was sad, she hadn't guessed that things were this bad. She went closer to get a better look at Sheryl and felt it sting in her heart.

"Ms. Xia, you know we're all worried about you," Phoebe said, hoping she could pressurize Sheryl to eat something.

Normally, she spoke to Sheryl using her softest tone. However, under the circumstance, it wouldn't be of much use. Hence, she resorted to emotional blackmail.

"Okay, if that's the case then I will try to eat. But only a little!" Sheryl couldn't refuse her this time. Moreover, she didn't want Phoebe to be worried about her. That was why she agreed, albeit reluctantly.

But deep in her heart, she knew she couldn't eat. 'I just parted with the man whom I love with all my heart. How can I have an appetite?' she thought mournfully.

During the meal, Phoebe kept initiating new topics, hoping that Sheryl would be willing to open up and enjoy the chat. However, all the attempts were to no avail. Instead of smiling, she seemed to be even more uneasy.

"Ms. Xia, I know you don't want to eat, but, please, just take a few bites. That's not a lot to ask, is it?" Phoebe pleaded with Sheryl.

"Okay, okay. I'll eat. Stop looking at me in that manner," Sheryl replied in a tearful tone. Even as she spoke, she looked down at the plate.

Phoebe stopped pressing Sheryl further. 'She seems to be on the verge of crying. I shouldn't push her anymore. Anyone who had experienced such a thing would feel down, ' she pondered.

After ensuring that Sheryl had taken a few bites, Phoebe left Sheryl's office.

But even then, she couldn't stop worrying about Sheryl. Wracking her brain, she tried to come up with a solution to help her. Eventually, she decided to give Isla a call.

In the meantime, Isla and Cassie had just gotten inside Nick's car. When Isla saw the caller ID, she had a gut feeling that something was wrong.

"What's the matter?" she asked as soon as she answered the call. From what she knew, Phoebe wasn't someone who called her to exchange pleasantries.

"Ms. Zhao, where are you?" Phoebe's tone was serious. Now Isla was sure that something terrible had happened.

"Why? Is it related to Sheryl?" Sheryl's name instantly popped up in Isla's mind. Following that, her entire body began to tense up.

Upon hearing

nce everyone that she was okay.

"Sheryl, why are you putting on this facade in front of me? Do you think that I'm oblivious to your sadness? You're clearly depressed. I..."

"Yes, I am broken. But these feelings aren't going to last for long. I just need some time to think. I am starting to realize he wasn't worth my love. It is just that I feel stupid about wasting my time and energy loving him. That is the root cause of my sadness. I am not mourning for him; I am mourning due to my own stupidity," Sheryl stated firmly.

Her words were convincing enough. Shrugging, Isla exclaimed, "Okay! You have made me feel much better. Since you've said that, let's all go!"

She knew that it wouldn't do Sheryl any good even if she continued to stay with her. Also, in this crucial period, Sheryl truly deserved some personal space.

Right after they left, Sheryl burst into tears. She hadn't thought herself to be so fragile. The last time they had divorced, she hadn't felt such strong emotions. 'Why am I so grief-stricken? Why can't I control my emotions?' she asked herself.

It was as though she had lost her soul.

In this numb state, she didn't see time pass by. When she checked her watch, she realized it was time for her to leave. But she continued to remain in her seat. If she went out in this miserable state, she was bound to draw more unwanted attention. Her puffy eyes were a testimony to the misery she was feeling inside. Patiently, she waited for everyone to leave so that she could leave as well.

However, Isla didn't have to see Sheryl, for she knew her state of mind. She had a heart to heart connection with her. Without Sheryl even telling her, Isla knew Sheryl must be suffering immensely.

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