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   Chapter 1961 Spaced-out

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"Enough of this drama! What do you want?" Charles yelled at Vicky, unsure of whether she was really insane or not.

"I just want to be with you for the rest of my life. Can you promise me that you will never ever divorce me?" Vicky implored, looking at Charles with her expectant eyes.

Charles was taken aback by her request. 'We have never been together. How on earth does divorce even come into this?' he wondered, unable to understand any of this.

"Fine! I take it that your answer is in the negative. Very good..." Vicky said, bringing Charles back to his senses. She had seen him standing numbly, so she figured he would deny her request. Now she rushed to the wall and began beating her head against it.

Charles was startled by the noise it created. As he looked towards her, the scene of Vicky hurting herself totally shocked him. 'How cruelly she treats herself!' Charles wondered.

"Stop it!" he screamed, secretly praying she would put a full stop to this.

Meanwhile, David also noticed what had happened there. He dashed towards her and held her down, along with Charles' help.

"Go and call for the doctor!" Charles commanded. By now, Charles was completely freaking out. He wished he could tie her up just so she wouldn't repeat what she had done.

"Okay," David answered quickly.

Vicky's arms were being tightly grasped by Charles. David knew that everything was under his control now, so he left to get the doctor.

"Let go of me! Release my arms! You dumped me. Now, what's the point of me living in this world? Just let me die! Let me die..." Vicky shrieked at the top of her voice.

Those screams were unbearable. Charles was certain that he would go deaf if it continued.

Luckily, David and the doctor arrived in time, saving him from further trouble.

The nurse was also shocked by the scene. She couldn't figure out why Vicky was suddenly behaving like a maniac when she had seemed completely normal a few moments ago.

"Hold her down!" the doctor shouted. Vicky's face was contorted like a real psychotic. The doctor couldn't remember seeing anyone look this crazy before.

"Charles, you can't do this to me! If you dare leave me, I'll kill myself. I'm not kidding! I will do it for sure. Are you willing to see me die in front of you?" This time, Vicky's voice wasn't as strong as before. She was beginning to lose her energy.

The nurse came over and held Vicky's body, so Charles was free to step back. With a sigh of relief, he stood as far away from her as possible.

However, he gave no response to Vicky's rebuke. He stood there silently and watched the scene with a frown.

Soon, the do

n front of her.

"I'm fine. I was engaged with something important. You go ahead and have lunch. I'm not hungry," Sheryl said stiffly, without any expression in her face.

"Oh, I see..." Phoebe answered, not totally understanding the current situation.

However, after saying that, Sheryl closed the door again, leaving no room for Phoebe to ask any questions.

Once Phoebe was outside, she sighed with relief. Her heart was beating rapidly from thinking something had happened to Sheryl. Now she came back to her senses and patted her chest. "All right, Ms. Xia is fine. There is no need for me to worry..." she muttered to herself.

She didn't have the heart to go out for lunch. Instead, she ordered takeout. Even though Sheryl said she wasn't hungry, Phoebe couldn't help but order one for her as well. Since Sheryl was in low spirits now, if she didn't eat anything, things would only get worse.

Meanwhile, in the office, Sheryl didn't have any appetite. She felt that she was spaced-out, and she didn't know how long it would last. Her heart was empty, and nothing could fill it. 'It never gets better...Only worse, ' she told herself sadly.

The takeout was delivered, so Phoebe knocked on Sheryl's door once again.

"I've already told you that I'm not hungry," Sheryl cried out as soon as she saw Phoebe with the food.

"Ms. Xia, you can't torture yourself like this. If you don't eat this, I'm not going to have lunch either." Phoebe knew Sheryl well enough. She always skipped eating when she was in a bad mood. But Sheryl only tortured herself. She was a kind person who couldn't bear to see other people being badly influenced by her.

Phoebe put forward this unreasonable request, hoping that Sheryl would eat something for her sake.

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