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   Chapter 1959 What Are You Doing Here

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Although Charles knew that Vicky would somehow try to deceive him on the way here, she still almost succeeded in fooling him. He had underestimated how convincing she could be.

"Vicky, I'm sorry for hitting you with my car, but it was an accident. That's all it is. I'm never going to be with you." Charles no longer took threats too kindly. The fact that he had lasted this long without an outburst was nothing short of a miracle.

"Charles, you can't do this to me. You're all that I have left. Please, don't leave me like this!" Vicky looked at Charles with both her eyes filled with tears. It was as if she had been abandoned.

Charles did not want to say another word to this woman. He felt that exchanging words with her was a complete waste of time.

Just then, Charles' cellphone began to ring. He looked at it, and when he saw that it was Sheryl calling, he hung up immediately.

However, his phone rang a couple more times. Every time it rang, Charles hung up without hesitation. Vicky quickly realized that something must be going on.

She was quite certain that the calls could only come from someone important to Charles or someone with whom he had a strange relationship. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so nervous about the calls.

When the phone began to ring a fourth time, Vicky grabbed it and answered the call before Charles had the chance to hang up.

"Whoever this is, I'm telling you: I'm Charles' woman, and he is my husband! No one can take him away from me. Not you nor anyone else! Don't think for a second that you are special. You are nothing but a fling to him. I'm the only one that he loves! The only one!" Vicky yelled hysterically at whoever she thought was on the other end of the line. It was still Sheryl.

Everything happened so fast that Charles did not even realize what had happened.

The strange woman's frenzied yelling brought Sheryl back to her senses. It made her wonder why she had even bothered to call Charles in the first place. Calling him over and over had made her seem needy. It was demeaning. Without thinking, she responded, "Well, let me tell you something. Until two days ago, this man was my husband. Now we're divorced, but I'm afraid you're still not the one he's going to marry. Good luck."

The line went dead, and the dial tone was the only thing that Vicky could hear.

Angry with herself because of the position she had put herself in, Sheryl hung up. Why did she make consecutive phone calls to a man who didn't even care about her?

By the time Charles had realized what was happening, Vicky had already said what she had wanted to say. He forcefully pulled the phone out of her hand, seeing that the call had already been ended.

"No, that's impossible! It can't be. You won't divorce me, right? I know you won't do such a thing to me. Never!" Vicky looked at Charles with crazy eyes. It was clear that Sheryl's words had struck a chord.

Charles stared at the hysterical woman indifferently. His ice-cold stare bore a hole through her.

Meanwhile, Sheryl had calmed down a

hat she had no intention of opening the door and letting Phoebe in.

"I have something that I would like to talk to you about." Phoebe knew that all that mattered right now was to get through the door and be with Sheryl before she did anything irrational.

"Maybe later. I need some rest right now," Sheryl said, but as she spoke, she knew that Phoebe was only worried about her. She didn't want to hurt Phoebe's feelings, so after a moment of hesitation, she continued, "Please, don't worry about me. I'm just tired and want to take a nap. Could you please come back and wake me up in a couple of hours?"

"Of course, Ms. Xia. Have a nice nap!"

Phoebe felt relieved upon hearing that Sheryl was about to take a nap.

However, Sheryl had not been completely honest with Phoebe. In reality, under these circumstances, there was no way she could fall asleep.

Meanwhile, Isla had gone straight to Cassie to talk about Sheryl and Charles' situation. She thought she could really use some help figuring out what to do next.

Cassie was still at work when Isla arrived, fuming. Seeing that Isla was in a foul mood, Cassie immediately looked around and made sure that she was not needed anywhere at the moment. Then she approached Isla and pulled her to the side. "Isla, what are you doing here? Is everything alright?"

"When do you get off?" Isla was so angry that her entire body was shaking involuntarily.

"I have one hour left before my shift ends." This was Cassie's first time seeing Isla this furious. She grew curious. What could have pissed Isla off this time?

"Fine. I'll be waiting for you at the hospital's front gate. Come and find me when you're done!" Isla talked a mile a minute. Then she promptly marched out of the hospital doors. It was like she was a jogger whose route included the hospital, walking in and heading out before anyone took notice of her.

Cassie rubbed her eyes in an attempt to ensure that she had actually just talked with Isla. Confused, she mumbled to herself, "What had just happened?"

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