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   Chapter 1958 I'll Haunt You

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"Charles, I promise you I will not do so anymore. Are you still angry with me?" Vicky hurriedly explained as she sensed Charles being anxious, wanting to leave.


Charles gently answered and spoke a few more words of comfort to Vicky before finally leaving. There was an expression of satisfaction and tranquility on her face.

At the same moment, David was at the nurse's station. He was taking up his time instructing a nurse to give Vicky a small amount of injection of sedative to help her sleep.

Soon after, everyone felt relieved when Vicky dozed off and then fell into a deep slumber on her sickbed.

David immediately followed closely behind Charles, who was walking in silence in the corridor. They were heading out of the hospital now.

Charles didn't say a word as they drove back to his office. He seemed to be in deep thought as he watched the scenery outside the window. David couldn't help feeling very nervous. So he chose not to utter a word at first.

Inside his office, Charles had spent the whole day reflecting on Vicky, contemplating more on her recent behavior. But it didn't take him long to finally make up his mind to go all out and stop her from bothering him.

"What did you want to see me about, Mr. Lu?" David asked as he gently pushed the door open and walked in.

Charles pensively looked up at David as he got to his feet. Then he began to speak, "You drive over to see Vicky and pass my message on to her. I'll give her proper care, attention, and lots of money as long as I am alive. But, I'm not going to marry her, because she is not my true love. Tell her to let go of her unrealistic dream."

Stunned, David could hardly believe his ears when he heard those words coming from Charles.

With a moment of doubt, he stayed for a while in the office. He didn't move as if he was still trying to digest every single word.

"You can go now. I am determined to stop her mad behavior," Charles growled as he stared hard at David.

Realizing Charles' unwavering attitude, David went straight out of the office.

He soon found himself standing outside the door of Vicky's room.

And word for word, David obediently passed on Charles' message to Vicky.

David was already mentally prepared for a tough time because he had supposed that Vicky would surely burst into hysterical weeping and screaming after hearing Charles' ruthless and brutal message. But contrary to what he expected, Vicky remained reserved and unemotional. She just looked at her own hands with a glassy stare.

"Are you terrified out of your sens

ed to take Sheryl in her arms, to comfort and soothe her.

"Sher, don't be so pessimistic, this is not like you. My heart hurts, seeing you that way. Don't you know what I really feel? Don't look so sad and downcast. You have just lost a heartless and callous man. Pull yourself together, you know, the sky won't fall!" Isla spoke a few words of comfort to coax her, but she was still baffled by Sheryl's sadness. She knew Sheryl had always been an optimistic sort of woman. What on earth had happened to her today?

Sheryl managed to force a smile when she heard Isla's kind words, then she said softly, "I'm fine. I just can't figure it out. Can you tell me who on earth that woman is?"

Isla seemed to detect some bitterness in Sheryl's voice. She knew that Sheryl must surely be extremely uncomfortable and upset.

"Sher, listen to me. Even though you and Charles have gotten divorced, he still has the responsibility of being honest with you. Therefore, you need to make a phone call to him right now and ask him whatever is going on?" Isla knew Sheryl had a brittle temper, so she offered an idea right away.

"Well, I'll make a call to him right now," Sheryl answered wooden-faced, of course, she had a frail temper, and she wanted to call Charles right now.

With that, Sheryl picked up the phone and dialed Charles' number without any further hesitation.

On the other hand, Vicky was troubling Charles in the patient room. Vicky didn't think of letting up, so she continued pestering Charles with requests for love and help.

At that moment, Charles was looking impatient and dubious about Vicky's mental stability. He even believed that Vicky was mentally abnormal and had gone off her rocker.

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